MVP Beyond: "Sion Support excels in certain matchups."


In March 22nd (KST), the match between MVP and KT Rolster was a huge upset as MVP made a comeback despite losing Game 1. As MVP's Jongbin "Max" Jung started the comeback by scoring a quadra kill with Sion in Game 2 and Gunmo "ADD" Kang stood strong as MVP's bulwark with Nautilus in Game 3, the two were chosen as MVPs of the match.

However, it wouldn't do Gyuseok "Beyond" Kim justice if we were to forget how he put pressure on KT's Dongbin "Score" Ko and maintained good performance throughout the match, so we've sat down with Beyond and asked him about how he felt about the match.

Beyond started the interview by explaining how the preparation for this match involved trying out different botlane compositions and preparing against counterjungling while trying to avoid early game skirmishes as much as possible. However, he lamented that it didn't as planned in Game 1 and 2.

First, he thought that the team's questionable composition in Game 1 was indeed a bad choice in hindsight: "Our composition was focused on the laning phase because we are often said to be weak in the laning phase and we were confident that we'd do well in teamfights regardless of the composition. However, the game was drafted badly overall."

Second, he was levelheaded about Sion Support from Game 2, which was undeniably the match's scene stealer. He said, "Sion Support could have gone better, and it was difficult to play against Deft's Lucian as we were not prepared enough for that pick."

Of course, Beyond was not saying that the match was bad by any means. In fact, he was optimistic about Sion support, as he thought: "Sion Support excels in certain matchups, and it can be even better with more data."

When asked about why MVP was especially strong in teamfights, he gave an surprising answer, saying that he wasn't sure why their teamfight had been good from the start.

However, he was well aware how the decisive teamfight in Game 2 ended in MVP's favor. He said, "They [KT] were lumped together while chasing us, and we knew that they did not have vision on us. So Jongbin 'Max' Jung improvised quickly but perfectly to start the teamfight."

He also explained that their aggressive Baron calls are often used to force the enemy team to react, and that they are well-experienced in that strategy.

Finally, he did not forget to mention how he was well-prepared against Score's counterjungling, as he explained: "I knew that Score would try counterjungling, so I bought two Long Swords in advance. The fact that Score couldn't land Savagery was a big factor as well."

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