Zilean and his time manipulation debuts in Legends of Runeterra

▲ It's time to look into the future. Images via Riot Games


Less than two days after Riot Games announced the upcoming 42 card expansion coming to Legends of Runeterra at the start of May, the game's development has started revealing cards.


Titled Guardians of the Ancient, the first bit of new content to come since the Empires of the Ascended expansion earlier in the year, will feature three never-before-seen champions making their debut in the collectible card game. On Wednesday afternoon, the first was revealed and it's bound to change the past, present, and future.



In a partnership with Mobalytics, the data aggregation site, seven cards were revealed on their site as well as a cinematic video showing off what one of the new champions can do.



Zilean, the bomb-wielding, time-warping, beard-having wizard has arrived in Legends of Runeterra and looks to create a little havoc along the way. By shuffling and manipulating bombs in player's decks, Zilean can effectively use the Predict mechanic to set up future turns and position accordingly. In conjunction with his unique spell, Zilean's Chronoshift, which can bring allied champions back from the dead with a buff, the time wizard can be just as annoying in the digital card game as he is in the MOBA. 


Cards will be revealed often on the game's official Twitter account ahead of the May 5 release date for the expansion.

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