The five best TFT comps for day 1 of Set 5 Reckoning

Source: Riot Games


Teamfight Tactics’ Set 5, Reckoning, has arrived. The latest theme features ghouls, zombies, angels, devils, and even the fearsome Teemo. 


After two weeks on the Public Beta Environment (PBE), players have already gotten a sense of the new champions, Origins, and Classes. There are still a lot of questions, theorycrafting, and optimizing to do but after two weeks of testing, five comps stand out as fairly solid go-to's for those diving into Set 5 on day one.


1. “A-Bomb”

This is a hyper roll comp that depends on hitting a 3-star Brand as the carry. This comp takes advantage of the undead juggernaut Sion who gets summoned after three allied champions have died, who is extremely powerful in the early game. Make sure to equip Brand with a Blue Buff and some AP items to maximize his damage.


As far as parings, Abominations can go well with either Hellions, who will serve as a frontline or cannon fodder to summon Sion, or Forgotten. If a lot of BF Sword items are available, Forgotten is probably the better choice, as these can go onto either Legionnaire, Kalista or Draven.


2. Nightbringer Legionnaires

A comp that’s entirely based around Yasuo, this is an extremely strong mid-to-late game comp. It pairs easily with Draven as well, who is one of the stronger late-game carries in the game, but it also allows for Darius to be added for the fourth Nightbringer. Yasuo works with just about any AD or attack speed item, but Hand of Justice and Titan’s Resolve are also great for him.


For any Legionnaire comp, including Draven and Kayle is always the end goal, and this comp can also make use of the other 4-star Legionnaire, Mordekaiser. For fellow Nightbringers, Morgana and Diana are strong choices.


3. Dawnbringer Skirmisher

A Nidalee comp that also pairs well with the two Dragonslayer/Skirmishers, this comp is fairly flexible. Players can either go 2 Dawnbringers/6 Skirmishers or 4 Dawnbringers/3 Skirmishers/3 Forgotten with Draven as a secondary carry. In the 6 Skirmisher variant, Jax should serve as the second carry.


Nidalee’s itemization is actually fairly unintiutive. She thrives with a lot of damage and survivability, so items like Titan’s Resolve, Guardian Angel, and Dragon’s Claw all work best on her. The BF and Recurve Bow items are better used on Draven or Jax.


4. Revenant Brawlers

An extremely good early-game comp that actually scales surprisingly well, the primary carry should be Nocturne with attack speed and AD items. However, any tank items can easily be held on any Brawler before put onto Volibear late game.


This comp thrives because of the revive mechanic on Revenants Nocturne, Ivern, and Volibear. The frontline of this comp is very hard to kill, especially for bursty comps.


5. Spellweaver Coven

Coven is not a very good trait to max out on, but it can be extremely successful when paired with a late-game Vel’Koz. It can be easy to get a lot of Covens, but the one to focus on is Morgana. With an Iconic Spark, Morellonomicon, and Guardian Angel she can be a terror on the frontline.


For Vel’Koz, just like in Set 4, he thrives with a Jeweled Guantlet and any other sort of AP item like a Rabadon’s Deathcap. The key for this comp is to make sure that Vel’Koz is positioned to be the Coven leader so he gets those bonuses.

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