Former Super Smash Bros. Ultimate pro ZeRo offers update for remaining fans

Source: Tempo Storm


Former top Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios will have an update for his remaining fans later this week. 


ZeRo was shunned from the Smash community after he confessed to sending inappropriate sexual messages to girls that he knew were minors. If this wasn't bad enough during a time when so many Smash players were being revealed for grooming and sexual assault, ZeRo had started off by putting down the other players who were caught communicating with minors. This prompted women to come forward against ZeRo, who at first denied the allegations. 


As a result, ZeRo was banned from Twitch. He was also unable to compete in tournaments. But ZeRo was also stripped of his persona as a wholesome role model within the competitive Smash scene. Instead, the Smash community started to mock him for being a pedophile. The constant bullying and loss of his career led ZeRo to attempt suicide back in March. 


The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate scene was torn. Some felt sorry for ZeRo and even took partial blame for his depression. But others were fueled even more by the suicide attempt, using it to create even more memes mocking the former Ultimate champion. 



Even though it's been about a month or more, the obsession with ZeRo's failure and grooming behavior has stayed prominent in the Super Smash Bros. community. Some have continued to condemn his actions while others have decided to support him while he recovers. 


On Instagram and YouTube, ZeRo decided to share a message thanking his fans for the support during this time. 


"Thank you everyone for the beautiful messages and birthday wishes," he wrote on both platforms. "Life has been insane. I'm sorry for concerning everyone. I feel really guilty and bad about it. Take care everyone." 


In the message, ZeRo also noted that he will have an "update" sometime this week. It's unclear what type of update this is. It could either be related to his mental health after the suicide attempt or even an announcement regarding content creation on his remaining outlets. 



ZeRo still has over 960,000 subscribers on YouTube. His recent message had around 4,200 thumbs up. Most of the responses to his upcoming update have been positive, with fans stating that they miss his content and are glad he's doing okay. Despite his past actions, a lot of ZeRo's fans feel that he's working on himself and attempting to make positive changes in his life, prompting them to support him through the process. 


It seems that ZeRo's followers are hoping that the update will relate to possible new content or streaming. But so far, the Smash community will have to wait to see what the update is. Or even when the update will pop up. 

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