MVP ADD-Max: "We thought it would be fun to pick Sion Support and Nautilus Top"

For the match between KT Rolster and MVP that took place in March 22nd (KST), not many should have expected the match would end with MVP's victory.

However, MVP did everything that they needed to win teamfights despite being well behind while KT Rolster was unable to make the most out of their signature 1-3-1 split push and couldn't come back from behind.

When the match was over, it was MVP's Jongbin "Max" Jung and Gunmo "ADD" Kang who were on the OGN's winners interview as the two MVPs of the match, while KT suffered their fifth defeat of the season.

▲ Source: OGN


Max was chosen as MVP of Game 2 for not only for picking an unorthodox champion, Sion, as support, but for scoring a quadra kill that turned the game around in MVP's favor.

Obviously, Max was content with the plays that he made with Sion, just as he had done well while practicing. However, he regretted that he should have done better in the laning phase. He also thanked ADD for giving him an advice on how to play Sion well.

Despite being the scene stealer of the day, he was still modest as he explained the reason behind banning Lucian in Game 3: "Hyukgyu 'Deft' Kim was too good at Lucian, so we had to ban him as a concession to Deft's skill."

▲ Source: OGN


Speaking of ADD, he also made an appearance in the interview as he was chosen as MVP of Game 3 for being the bulwark of MVP while initiating teamfights - without dying even once.

Although MVP couldn't defeat stronger teams in the previous season, ADD was confident that he could defeat them again in this match because they have defeated them in the previous match against KT.

When asked about the Sion pick in Game 2, ADD also had something to say: "When we were playing with Nautilus as the support and Sion as the toplaner, I thought it might be fun to swap these two."

The interview concluded with both players thanking their fans, saying: "It was all thanks to our fans that we were able to defeat KT. Thank you for cheering for us!"

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