Inven Global Consulting with VIP Ticket

There are multiple ways to attend IGEC 2021 and the VIP ticket is intended as a premium networking solution for attendees in need of executive-level esports consulting and guidance. 

Register for your VIP ticket here


VIP ticket holders get access to a variety of benefits, including direct download links to conference panel VODS and a spot on our VIP events list. A spot on this list means future event discounts and perks plus alpha/beta game access provided by select Inven Global developer partners. 

This year, an IGEC 2021 VIP ticket also allows you to schedule a 30 minute 1:1 consulting session with Inven Global leadership on the esports topic of your choice. Inven Global consulting specializes in helping interested parties navigate their way through the Western and Korean esports markets. Together, we build a plan to reach whatever esports ROI you are trying to reach.

Inven Global Consulting provides esports insights drawn from our executive staff's extensive experience and global understanding of esports as part of the entertainment industry and as a serious gaming competition with its own unique history and culture. We specialize in introducing clients to the behind-the-scenes world of esports regardless of any prior gaming experience.  A successful consultancy empowers business professionals to access the esports and gaming consumer market in a way that plays to their unique strengths and possible competitive edge.

Our consulting staff helps identify a unique angle of approach for companies and individuals looking to dive into the esports industry.  Register for your IGEC 2021 VIP Ticket and jump-start your esports gameplan on May 27th-28th!



Key Area's of Consulting strength

- Esports consumer trends and behavior.
Organic digital content creation and distribution.
Establishing a collegiate esports presence.
Esports event production and networking fundamentals.
Identifying esports revenue streams.
Esports journalism creation and team management.
Tournament production and broadcast methods.
Building esports communities.
Extending the esports consumer invitation.


To learn more about Inven Global consulting or schedule an initial consultation call, send a request to

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