DWG KIA Khan sends a humble message to the top laners attending MSI: “Will you please kneel before me?”

The 2021 Mid-Season Invitational will mark Kim “Khan” Dong-ha’s third appearance at the tournament. Before DWG KIA, this year’s LCK Representatives for MSI, Inven was able to get a couple of comments from the veteran top laner.

During his time on Kingzone DragonX and T1, he always fell short. He ended 2nd place in his first appearance, and ended top 4 in his second. Khan shared, “It’s not that different from my first and second appearance, and it’s not that different this time around as well. I always went to MSI as the LCK Spring champions, so it always feels good heading into the tournament.”


Khan expressed his disappointment in how his previous team, FPX, wasn’t able to attend this year. “Before the LPL Spring finals, I’ve told my previous teammates that we should meet at MSI, but after the finals, I couldn’t muster up the courage to message them”.


He emphasized the blandness of the current top lane meta. “I think the top lane meta is always the same. I saw Jayce be picked a lot, but in the end, teams with tanks won. The flow of the game heavily depends more on how bot side does”. In terms of the new patch, patch 11.9, he commented, “Rumble, a champion that I played in the LCK finals, got buffed this patch, so I’m going to make great use of him”.


Before Khan headed out to his first MSI, Khan jokingly sent a message to all the other top laners, “All shall kneel before me”. This time, however, he was more humble, and said, “Will you please kneel before me?” His reason for being humble was, “Even if I made a bold taunt, no one really came to kneel, so I decided to be more humble this time around”.

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