[Guide] Best loadout for PPSh-41 SMG in Warzone

Source: Activision

The PPSh-41 Submachine gun was added to Warzone with the Season 3 battlepass on Wednesday evening. The new weapon was previously featured in Call of Duty: WWll, and the new Warzone version of it plays very similarly to that weapon with a high fire rate and high recoil. Here is the best loadout for the PPSh-41 SMG to maximize this weapon's killing potential!


Overview to the PPSh-41 SMG

The new PPSh-41 SMG is amazing at short range, but will struggle with anything outside that. This weapon has a very high fire rate that top 850 shots-per-minute based on my calculations, using no attachments to the weapon. Based on some testing the weapon deals 16.6 damage up close, which allows it to kill an unarmored opponent in nine shots.


Along with its high fire rate, this gun comes with a very large amount of horizontal and vertical recoil. So the recoil is not only hard to control, you will also go through your magazine pretty quickly. The standard magazine size for this gun includes 32 bullets, which is enough for most weapons, but with a fire rate as high as this one, you will definitely want to upgrade that bullet capacity.


The ideal playstyle for this weapon is up-close and personal. This weapon loses its effectiveness within a pretty short distance, both because of the damage drop off and it's hard to manage recoil. When you equip the PPSh-41 with the right loadout, you can quickly run up on opponents and laser them down this spitfire of an SMG. 

Best attachments to use for the PPSh-41 SMG

  • Muzzle Break 9 or Sound Suppressor
  • 14.9" Reinforced Heavy Barrel
  • Foregrip
  • 55 RND Drum Magazine
  • Serpent Wrap

This set of attachments minimizes the horizontal and vertical recoil, adds a higher bullet velocity, and ups the magazine size to 55 bullets, all without sacrificing the most important feature to this gun's success: its mobility.


Muzzle Break 9 or Sound suppressor

The Muzzle Break 9 and the Sound Suppressor both give you some extra vertical recoil control, which is desirable on this weapon. The Sound Suppressor will also help keep you silent and hide your weapons flashes, though you will have to take 25% a hit to your effective damage range if you elect the suppressor route. In Warzone it can be really valuable to remain off people's radars, but if you are trying to build this weapon for medium range encounters you will want the Muzzle Break instead.


14.9" Reinforced Heavy barrel

The 14.9" Reinforced Heavy barrel adds +80% bullet velocity and +18% effectiveness at range, which can really help round out this weapon for Warzone's many scenarios. Since you can only carry two weapons, it is helpful if your SMG can be effective at more than just point blank range. The Heavy Barrel gives you a nice bonus to your bullet velocity and ranged effectiveness, in exchange for a -4% adjustment to your sprinting movement speed and -20% adjustment to your aim walking speed. The sacrifice is worth it since it means this gun will be useful in more situations.



The Foregrip attachment gives you an 18% reduction in horizontal recoil for free, with no drawbacks. The Spetsnaz Grip can also work here, giving you 22% reduction in Horizontal recoil and an 8% reduction in vertical recoil, however, the Spetsnaz grip will cost you -30% shooting move speed, which is big sacrifice to make if you plan to get up in peoples faces with the PPSh-41 SMG, as I suggest you do. 


55 RND Drum

The 55 RND Drum magazine gives you a 55 round bullet capacity in exchange for a 36% increase in your reload speed. With this weapon, I find myself flying through ammo so quickly, that it becomes a major worry in gunfights when I use the default 32 round magazine. With the 55 RND drum, I have plenty of ammo to pick up multiple kills before having to reload. I personally prefer 55 RND Drum to other extended mags because it is the only one that doesn't penalize your ADS speed.


Serpent Wrap

The Serpent Wrap is a miracle attachment to this gun. It increases your ADS time by a full 25%, which is huge considering this gun's short-range focus. It will cost you 10% sprint to fire time, which is kind of a bummer, but I think it is worth it because a 25% ADS speed is such a huge upgrade for this loadout. If you are truly averse to the sprint to fire time penalty, you can always go with the Speed Tape which will give you a 10% ADS time increase with no movement penalty.


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