xQc contemplates a subathon of his own to beat Ludwig's Twitch records

Source: Twitch


The Black Mirror episode on streamathons isn't over. 


InvenGlobal author Aaron Alford recently wrote about the concerning implications of streaming 24/7 to gain subscribers after Twitch streamer Ludwig smashed all kinds of subscriber records by broadcasting his life for 31 entire days. 


But it looks like the subathon Twilight Zone has just begun. As Alford predicted, other streamers are looking to emulate what Ludwig did in an attempt to also gain massive amounts of subscribers. And it looks like one of the streamers eyeing this concept is Felix "xQc" Lengyel, the most popular streamer on Twitch. 


xQc is already one of the most popular streamers in the world and has a net worth of $3 million or so. But now xQc wants even more. He wants to break Ludwig's subscriber record with a subathon of his own after Ludwig gained 2.6 million followers and $1 million in subscriptions from his 31-day stream. 


"We'll beat the record by a longshot," xQc said in a recent stream. 


xQc told his followers that he planned to make the contest easier by hiring a couple of guys and then pre-pay them to donate 100 subs "whenever we're running low on content and shit like that." This would "get that shit to go back up." 



xQc didn't reveal when he would start his subathon or if he was even serious about taking on Ludwig's record. But this stream most likely inspired other big-name streamers to contemplate the idea as well. 'Cause why not? Ludwig was able to beat Tyler "Ninja" Blevin's previous 269,154 subscriber record with his subathon. Why wouldn't other streamers also attempt to get more money and fans with similar tactics? 


For now, Ludwig's record is safe and the 31-day streaming ordeal is over. But xQc and other streamers might announce a subathon of their own, continuing this somewhat concerning streaming trend in the name of records, titles, and money. 

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