Why the Molotov Cocktail is the best lethal epuipment in Warzone

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With Warzone Season 2 winding down and Warzone Season 3 on the horizon, there has been a lot of discussion about what the Warzone Season 3 meta will bring us in regards to gun balance, but I haven't heard much talk about other aspects of Warzone loadouts. One of the often overlooked, but crucial, aspects of a loadout is your lethal equipment slot. I am here to tell you that there is only one S-Tier lethal, it's the Molotov and you should use it.

What makes the Molotov the best piece of lethal equipment in Warzone?

Most people I run into in Warzone use either C4, thermite, or the Semtex grenade in their loadout. While all of these options can be useful in specific contexts, I believe that the Molotov is the piece of equipment that will be useful in the widest variety of situations.


If enemies are using the EOD perk, you definitely won't be getting a single-hit kill with either the Semtex or the C4, because EOD perk significantly reduces the damage players take from explosives. On top of that, C4 takes a while to throw while semtex takes a while to explode after being thrown. The Molotov Cocktail, on the other hand, will kill those using EOD perks in a single hit if you land it directly on them since its damage isn't explosive. It also will activate immediately upon landing, with no delay.


Thermite can also kill an enemy with EOD equipped if you get a direct hit. However, Thermite is less versatile than the Molotov because Thermite deals damage more slowly and features a smaller damage spread. So I tend to prefer the Molotov Cocktail, despite Thermite sharing some of its benefits.


The Molotov is also hands down my favorite lethal equipment for attacking enemies in vehicles. If you hit the vehicle with the Molotov, its fire will burn enemies inside to death very quickly. Thermite, C4, and Semtex are all inferior weapons against vehicles in my experience, which is another big reason why you should select the Molotov.


Molotov Cocktail tips and tricks in Warzone

Don't kill yourself with it

The most important tip to keep in mind when using the Molotov, or any firey thing for that matter, is to be careful not to burn yourself alive with it. As with all the explosive equipment, it is totally possible to damage yourself with your Molotov, so be careful when you throw it to avoid the embarrassment of self-immolation.


Use the Molotov Cocktail to cover your escape

There are times in Warzone, especially while fighting in buildings, where the right call is just to split rather than try to win a fight against an opponent with a health or positional advantage. The problem is, as soon as you turn your back and run, the enemy is apt to follow you and kill you while you flee. You can use your Molotov Cocktail to block off a doorway during your escape, to give yourself time and space to getaway.


Molotovs are great for clearing a room or an angle

If you suspect that someone is in a room, or is holding an angle, a Molotov Cocktail can very easily clear a spot. The widespread fire makes it difficult for an enemy to avoid it and the threat of firey death is usually enough to force enemies out of their cover. The tactical value of being able to throw fire at people cannot be overstated.


Molotov Cocktails are amazing in the final circle

As the playable area on the map shrinks, the Molotov's value goes up, since enemy teams will have less space to maneuver. Landing a Molotov in an enemy's cover spot in the final circle is such a powerful move that it's hard to believe the Molotov standard piece of lethal equipment. So if you can save it until the endgame, a Molotov can be your best friend in the final circle.

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