Breaking down Ludwig's historic month-long livestream by the numbers

Source: Ludwig

Twitch Streamer Ludwig Ahgren's historic 30-day subathon ended on Tuesday evening at 9:00 PM PT. The stream was by far the longest contiguous Twitch stream ever broadcast, and will likely go down in history as the most successful subathon event of all time.  We broke down the historic marathon stream based on the numbers and relevant statistics that we have access to.


Ludwig breaks all-time Twitch subscriber record with 282,847 subs

On the final day of his subathon, Ludwig was quickly approaching Tyler "Ninja" Blevin's 269k  all-time record for most Twitch subscribers. Ludwig ended up blowing past the record with several hours to go. At the end of the stream, he clocked in at just short of 283,000 subscribers according to Twitchtracker. That is a record that is going to be hard to beat any time soon.


Ludwig streams 716 hours during Subathon

Ludwig shared some of the numbers in his end of subathon recap. One of the numbers he shared was his total hours of streaming during the past month's subathon, which totaled around 716 hours. That is a monumentally long broadcast. 


Ludwig gains 1 million followers during subathon

Ludwig gained 1 million followers in the last month due to his subathon. Before the subathon, he held around 1.6 million followers, after the subathon he boasts 2.6 million followers. That is a 160% increase in follower count in just four short weeks.


Ludwig subathon doubles his channel views from 34 million to 72 million

The channel views metric counts the number of unique accounts to view your channel. Ludwig received 38,000,000 unique channel views on his stream in the past month, which an unimaginable number of new people being exposed to his content. Ludwig was already one of the biggest names in online streaming before the subathon, but he doubled his impressions in a single month with the marathon stream.


Ludwig concludes his stream with around 210,000 viewers

Ludwig ended his subathon with a massive audience of over 200,000 concurrent viewers. The number wavered between 208,000 to 210,000 throughout the final moments of the stream. That is his personal highest ever recorded concurrent viewers. 


Ludwig subathon raises $350,000 for charity 

Ludwig plans to give 5$ to charity for every subscription that he gained during the final day of his subathon. According to the streamer in a comment he made near the end of his subathon, he estimates that he has raised $350,000 for St. Judes Children's Research Hospital and the Humane Society of America during this subathon.





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