Hungrybox reveals Jigglypuff's best and worst Smash Ultimate matchups after update 11.0.1

Source: Nintendo


Smash God Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma was one of the main reasons that Jigglypuff moved up the Melee tier list this year. 


But when it comes to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Jigglypuff is still quite low after the 11.0.1 udpate. The mischievous, sassy Pokemon is considered to be in the bottom 12 despite Hungrybox's continuous fight to improve Jigglypuff's standings. But he can't do it alone. 


That's why Hungrybox has come up with a match-up chart for Jigglypuff players. This will hopefully help players better understand Jigglypuff's good and bad matchups in Ultimate — as well as some tips and tricks for those matchups — in a fight to get the music-loving Pokemon higher on the tier lists now that tourneys are returning. 



Jigglypuff's worst matchups in Ultimate


Hungrybox jumped right into the tier list in this recent video, starting with fighters that give Jigglypuff a hard time. The toughest match up? Yoshi. According to Hungrybox, Jiggly can only take down a Yoshi if you play perfectly or the Yoshi player is completely clueless.


Ike was also considered "actual hell" for a Jiggly main since he can take an entire stock with a nair. But these were the only two in this category at least. 


"It hurts. It hurts a lot," Hungrybox said of these matchups.


Pac-Man, Sonic, Snake, Mr. Game & Watch, and Olimar were mentioned as pretty bad matchups for Jigglypuff after Yoshi and Ike. They weren't considered "actual hell" by Hungrybox, but still presented a lot of difficulties even for a seasoned Jiggly player. For this reason, he placed them in "RIP Puff." 


According to Hungrybox's Jigglypuff matchup tier list, Jigglypuff has 60 matchups that aren't in the Pokemon's favor. This left only 15 fighters that Hungrybox considered even or in Jiggly's favor. This explains why Jigglypuff is so low on the tier list, but also proves that any fighter is viable with enough practice and skill. 


Jigglypuff's best matchups in Ultimate


So who are the 15 fighters that should dread someone who picks Puff? Some of the fighters that Jigglypuff can dance around include Dr. Mario, Little Mac, Ganondorf, and Incineroar. Basically, fighters with easily exploitable recoveries are unable to keep up with the floaty, tricky Jigglypuff. 


In response to the tier list, a lot of people in the chat told Hungrybox that it was "sad" to see how many bad matchups Jigglypuff had. It seemed like Jigglypuff was only considered viable against fighters with crappy recoveries. 


"It's not sad," Hungrybox answered. "She's just a low-tiered character." 


Even though Jigglypuff is technically one of the bottom fighters in the game, Hungrybox has managed to do a lot of work with the puffball. The tier lists in Smash shouldn't dictate if you should play a character or not. Some fighters will just need more practice than others in order to make them viable against fighters higher on the list. 

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