Heroic wins ESL Pro League Season 13 with incredible cadiaN clutch

Source: Heroic

Heroic won the ESL Pro League Season 13 championship and a $200,000 prize on Sunday, after Casper "cadiaN" Møller pulled off an incredible clutch against Gambit to take the championship point in the series.  The Danish team's Pro League victory was well-earned, and cadiaN's clutch will go down in history as one of the most ridiculous plays ever accomplished in professional CS:GO play.


cadiaN started out this 1 vs. 4 clutch situation with nothing but a p250 pistol. He approached Mirage's A point through jungle, where he was able to sneak up Shiro and knife him, getting away with his AWP and an incendiary grenade. From there he proceeded to methodically clear the point, killing the remaining three players on Gambit to claim the championship.


"[when I pulled out my knife] I was thinking about the economy, right? I wanted to knife Shiro to get money for an AWP in the next upcoming by round," cadiaN explained in a post-match interview. "So I am not really thinking about winning it at this point. . . then I hear this guy pushing me and when he pushed me I felt like it was over. I had so much confidence. . . That is one of the most absurd endings to a Counter-Strike game ever."



The hype of this amazing clutch was further elevated by the fact that it took place on the championship point. Heroic had a significant 15 to 6 lead going into that round, so it was likely they would have won the map regardless, but cadiaN claimed the win with style. Predictably, when he claimed the final kill the Heroic players went ballistic!



Heroic's win on Sunday capped off an excellent ESL Pro League Season 13 for the organization, who went undefeated through both the group stage and playoff bracket. The finals series against Gambit drug on for over seven hours, but they were able to win the series 3-2 in the end. Heroic won't have too much time to celebrate before jumping back into action at the BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown 2021, which starts on Tuesday.

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