[Guide] Best loadout for the ZRG 20mm sniper rifle in Warzone

Source: Activision

The ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle was added to Warzone this week, and though it's only been out for a short while, it has already become clear that the new Cold War bolt-action rifle has the potential to be a meta-defining weapon.


The ZRG 20mm features a very high bullet velocity, which is perfect for long-range engagements since it means you will have to lead your target less when taking shots. Due to its high damage and fast bullet velocity, this gun might be the new best long-range sniper rifle in Warzone. We put together a loadout that makes the most of this weapon's long-range capabilities.

Overview to the ZRG 20mm sniper rifle

By default, this gun has the largest kill zone of any sniper in Warzone. Any hit to the waist or above has one-shot kill potential on an unarmored opponent. The big trade-off for this massive damage is its slow rate of fire, which is the slowest in the game. So you won't be using this for medium-range conflicts, since you will lose out in a fight against most faster firing weapons, including other snipers.


 Luckily this gun shreds at range, with a 925 M/S bullet velocity, which is the highest among any of the Cold War weapons added to Warzone. So this gun is deadly in sniper duels, especially when you use the right attachments to maximize its ranged damage. At the very least, it's important to use something like the Task Force Shroud muzzle to reduce the significant idle swap featured on this rifle.


Best attachments for the ZRG 20mm sniper rifle

  • Task Force Shroud muzzle
  • 43.9" Combat Recon barrel
  • 5 round magazine
  • Serpent wrap handle
  • Ultrazoom Custom optic


The Task Force Shroud muzzle will further increase your bullet velocity and will decrease your total sway. This is essential if you are looking to take those long-range duels that this gun excels at. The barrel will also add to the bullet velocity, further increasing the effective range of this gun.


The five-round magazine is a solid choice because it will add two rounds to the default magazine. Most of the different magazine options will affect the ADS speed of this weapon, but if you are planning to build it for long-range combat, it's better to have the extra bullets for follow-up shots.


The serpent wrap handle will give you back a little bit of the ADS speed this build loses due to the Task Force Shroud muzzle. This won't make the ADS better than the default, but it will bring it back to roughly where the gun started in regards to ADS speed.


Finally, you can put whatever long-range optic you prefer on this gun. The Ultrazoom custom works. If you want to add an extra attachment like the SOF Target Designator laser, you could also run with the standard optic which is more than usable. 


When all these attachments are equipped, this rifle turns into an easier-to-control, long-range killing machine. If you decide to run the ZRG 20mm in your loadout drop, make sure to add a weapon that can cover your close and medium ranges to go with it, since this weapon is badly outmatched in any encounter outside sniper-range.





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