100 Thieves drops 100 Thieves Enter Infinity NFT Collection

Source: 100 Thieves

100 Thieves announced on Tuesday that they had officially dropped their first NFT collection. Half of the drop is currently listed to buy at auction, while the organization is giving away the other half of NFTs to their fans. 



The 100 Thieves Enter Infinity NFT Collection is made up of eight one-of-a-kind electronic geometric animations, each themed around the 100 Thieves logo. Their auction currently has listings for the Gateway 001-004 pieces on the Foundation site and mobile app. The auction ends in less than 15 hours of writing this article, so if you are interested bid while you can!



You can also visit the 100 Thieves Foundation page to enter the giveaways for the Infinity Gateway 005-008 pieces.


"We debuted our Enter Infinity apparel this week and our community has been collecting 100 Thieves apparel since the beginning so we're excited to expand into digital collectibles as well," said John Robinson, CEO of 100 Thieves, in a LinkedIn post on Tuesday. "[I am] looking forward to learning more about NFTs - expect more experiments from [100 Thieves] throughout 2021."



NFT stands for non-fungible token. NFTs are a form of crypto-currency in which every item or token is unique, rather than being a part of a fully exchangeable currency. NFT's connect the crypto world to the art world by making it possible to sell one-of-a-kind digital art commodities. The online NFT sector has been exploding, with the market tripling in size in 2020 alone.


100 Thieves is not the first esports organization to jump onto the NFT bandwagon. Sentinels released their own line of exclusive NFT's a few days ago that celebrated their VCT Masters One championship win. Sentinels only released 200 SEN-FT tokens in total.



While NFTs are starting to make their way into esports, it is currently unclear if the technology will appeal to the esports consumer base or not. While NFTs and esports seem like a match made in heaven, only time will tell if branded NFT digital collectibles will hold the interest of esports fans.

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