[Updated 4/6/2021] Overwatch 2021 Archives event recycles past content... again

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

The 2021 Overwatch Archives event went live on Tuesday. In addition to bringing back co-op modes from the past year's events, the 2021 Archives brought a new batch of skins inspired by the lore and history of our favorite Overwatch characters. Unfortunately, for the second year in a row they recycled the same event content without adding a new co-op mission.

Archives 2021 is the same event again

During the first few years of the Archives event, Blizzard offered fresh, new co-op missions to play throughout the duration of the event. They added Archives Uprising in 2017, Archives Retribution in 2018, and finally Storm Rising in 2019. Each co-op mission took place on a different map, with different default character sets to use.


But now, In both 2020 and 2021, they forwent a new co-op mode entirely. Upon realizing they would get no substantial new content, many Overwatch Fans took to Twitter to voice their frustration with Blizzard's lack of support for Overwatch.


"I feel nothing." said Overwatch streamer TSM Gale in response to the Overwatch Archives announcement.



"thank you for making every single one of my friends quit your game by neglecting it," offered Twitter user Kayjii.



Twitter User Krook chimed in, saying, "please let there be new content please let there be new content please let there be new content please let there be new content please let there be new content please let there be new content."


These are only a few examples of the plethora of commenters asking, or begging, for Blizzard to add some sort of substantial new content to Overwatch with the event. 


The Overwatch developer team officially stepped back from Overwatch in 2020, citing their desire to focus all of their efforts on developing Overwatch 2. At the time, many fans were willing to receive less content, since they believed a new a fresh game would arrive soon. However, after the delay of Overwatch 2 until at least 2022, or later, the lack of support for Overwatch is becoming an increasingly sore subject for those who still enjoy the game.



The developers can tell try telling fans to wait for Overwatch 2 all they want, but if they don't do something to maintain their player base soon, they might not stick around for the sequel.

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