Nairo has just posted his first Smash content on YouTube since being banned

Source: Nairo YouTube


Former Super Smash Bros. Ultimate pro Nairoby "Nairo" Quezada has posted his first video since being all but shunned from the Smash community and competitive scene due to grooming allegations. 


The YouTube video was a reaction to Sephiroth, a Smash DLC fighter who was announced in December 2020. In the video his friends guessed Sora and he guessed Dante. But when he found out it was Sephiroth he couldn't stop screaming. 


"No way! No way! What the hell!? Holy shit!" Nairo screamed. "What the fuck? They actually put Sephiroth in this game? Oh my god!" 



Nairo was also blown away by the stage, which he called "god-like." 


According to the YouTube video's description, Nairo had watched the Nintendo Direct on Discord with his friends when it first premiered. So he had been waiting a while to post it. The YouTube video already has over 90,000 views, meaning the Smash community was also waiting for some content from Nairo. 


Nairo has been removed from the Super Smash Bros. Global Ban List and has been allowed back into many competitive tournaments. Despite the Smash community largely accepting Nairo's return after the situation with Zack "CaptainZack" Lauth was settled in court, Twitch has still not taken back his permanent ban. 


But Nairo has decided to stream on YouTube starting on April 8. 



"I'll see you guys next week," Nairo said at the time. 


Now his first YouTube stream is only three days away. The Sephiroth reaction video was most likely a teaser to test if the Smash community would react to him posting content again. It was his first post on YouTube aside from videos explaining his return and so far the reaction has been positive. 


While some in the Smash community are still unsure about Nairo's innocent, a lot of people have applauded his return and passion for the game. 

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