2021 Spring Split All-LCK Teams announced

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On April 5, the All-LCK Teams for the 2021 LCK Spring Split were announced. As DWG KIA had another dominant season, all of their members were voted within the third team. In the first team, Kim “Khan” Dong-ha, Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu, Heo “ShowMaker” Su, Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk, and Ryu “Keria” Min-seok were named.


All-LCK 1st Team


Top: DK Khan (189 pts)

Jungle: DK Canyon (195 pts)

Mid: DK ShowMaker (180 pts)

Bot: GEN Ruler (154 pts)

Support: T1 Keria (168 pts)

The second team was Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee, Hong “Pyosik” Chang-hyeon, Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon, Park “Teddy” Jin-seong, and Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee. On the third team, Hwang “Kingen” Seong-hoon, Kim “Clid” Tae-min, Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong, Jang “Ghost” Yong-joon, and Kim “Life” Jeong-min were given the honor.


All-LCK 2nd Team

▲ Source: Riot Games

Top: GEN Rascal (137 Pts)

Jungle: DRX Pyosik (129 Pts)

Mid: HLE Chovy (159 Pts)

Bot: T1 Teddy (141 Pts)

Support: DK BeryL (167 Pts)


All-LCK 3rd Team

▲ Source: Riot Games

Top: DRX Kingen (80 Pts)

Jungle: GEN Clid (106 Pts)

Mid: GEN Bdd (116 Pts)

Bot: DK Ghost (129 Pts)

Support: GEN Life (101 Pts)


The votes for the All-LCK Teams can be seen here.


As of this announcement, all of the LCK Awards for the regular season were announced. The last award will be given on April 10: the LCK Finals MVP.

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