Recording allegedly reveals player's plotting ESEA Premier match-fixing

Source: Valve

Update 4/4/2020
The ESEA suspended the five players who were allegedly involved in the recording mentioned in this article, pending the results of an internal investigation of the situation.


Original article:

The transcript of new recording was published by the CS:GO news site Dust2.US on Friday, revealing a discussion between three players at the ESEA Premier plotting ways to fix the outcome of multiple matches. The recording is from October of 2020 and allegedly features Sebastion "retchy" Tropiano, Kevin "4pack" Przypasniak, and Carson "nosraC" O'Reilly, who were all competing on Rebirth at the time.



In the recording, the players reportedly plan to fix their match against Incognito, then they discuss their plans to intentionally lose their match against Russian Canadians, though Russian Canadians ended up forfeiting that match instead of playing in it.


In relation to the Russian Canadian match, retchy allegedly claimed that he convinced Russian Canadian IGL Alex "vek" Voynov to stream his team's radar on Discord to help Rebirth with their misreads, though Vek denied any involvement in this match-fixing scandal in a now-deleted Tweet back in February. The Rebirth players also reportedly named David "J0LZ" Jolin of the Russian Canadians as "okay with [the match-fixing]". According to Dexerto, J0LZ also denied involvement in this agreement.


The new alleged recording surfaced only a few days after ESIC Integrity Commissioner Ian Smith revealed in an interview conducted by Slash32 that they are working with the FBI to investigate alleged match-fixing in the NA CS:GO Counter-Strike scene. On Thursday, Riot Games opened their own investigation into VALORANT players who came from the CS scene, according to a report by Ryan Lewis at Dexerto.


Read's full report on the recording.


Transcript of the recording via

Here is the alleged transcript of the recording:


retchy: No it would be sus[picious] if you played Incognito like the full game, but if you joined at half, it would look real. Or not even at half, in the middle of the game while it's going, you just join, "my internet's back", we get shrek out of the server and it looks normal.


4pack: I'm not doing it, bro.


retchy: As long as shrek plays like four or five rounds, it's gonna look good.


4pack: And the fact that you didn't even say anything about the Russian Canadians game, that's even more fucked, but...


retchy: What?


4pack: What do you mean what? You didn't say anything about it.


retchy: What do you mean?


4pack: Okay, now you're just acting dumb.


retchy: No, I'm serious, what are you talking about?


4pack: What do you mean? I was just talking yesterday about winning a match so we can play Mythic in playoffs, you didn't say anything. Now today you just come into the TeamSpeak and you're like, "yeah, we're just gonna lose the game." Like what? *scoffs* What do you mean?


retchy: We've been planning to lose this game for the last five days; it makes the most sense out of every game in MDL. They need this win, we don't need the win, and with their IGL on radar and you off the server, it looks guaranteed real.


nosraC: I don't know if vek will agree to radar.


retchy: He does, he agrees to radar. On the condition that I'm letting him use two Bitcoin sites, and I'm going to share profit from those two sites. And J0LZ is okay with it too. And they're not- I told them there's no way you tell battery or Saturn, it needs to look like a legit tryhard game.


4pack: Alright, whatever. But I'm not setting up the Incognito game, I told you.


retchy: I know, I don't think you should, you should join in while shrek is playing, like three rounds in.


4pack: No. *laughs*


retchy: No, the main thing is that if it shows six people on HLTV, it'll look so good.


4pack: Well, you can set it up or something, I dunno.


retchy: I'm going to restart for [ESEA Pro] client, hold on.

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