T1 Teddy on the new Playoffs format: "Playing the playoffs this way is new and fun... It's better."

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On April 1, T1 defeated DRX 3-1 in the 2021 LCK Spring Split Playoffs. T1’s bot lane showed some picks that didn’t appear that much such as Ezreal-Galio or Varus-Leona. After the match, we spoke with Park “Teddy” Jin-seong and talked about the match.


*This interview was conducted before the Round 2 brackets were decided.


Congratulations on today’s win! How do you feel?


I think we did well to win 3-1, but we need to prepare better for the second round.


What did you focus on for today’s match?


We focused on picking a good champion in all lanes. So we could say we focused on the picks and bans the most.


It seemed that T1’s got better as the game went on. Was it that T1’s concentration got better or that DRX lost concentration?


I think our concentration did get better as the game went on. And since we were concentrated well, it did feel like the opponents’ were losing concentration.


T1’s performance got so much better starting from the end of the season. How high would you be ranked in the LCK if you played in that form the whole season?


Our performance at the end of the season… We did play well, but since it’s always relative, it’s hard to say.


Do you think you would have been one of the top teams?


I think we would have been near the top or just in the upper half.


One of the reasons people think T1’s performance was so good late in the season was that you stuck to one roster. Do you think that helped?


For the bot lane, the synergy could have been better since we had the same duo. As for the top side, I don’t know.


I’m curious about the Varus pick. It hadn’t appeared that often, but it seemed T1 considered Varus to be quite good.


It was a pick from confidence and we did think Varus was good, so we picked him.


It hasn’t been decided yet, but you’ll be facing either Gen.G or DWG KIA. What do you think the difference is between those two teams?


Both teams are good… Their bot lanes are both good, but it feels that the champions they prefer are different.


Faker and Cuzz said that it didn’t matter which team you met and Canna said he’d like to meet DWG KIA in the finals. What about you?


I don’t think it matters much. But if we have to meet DWG KIA even if we win in the next round, meeting them early might be better. A part of me does want to meet DWG KIA early.


Are you confident?


I’m always confident.


The top side took all three POGs today. Don’t you think you deserved one?


Everyone played well so they all deserved the POGs.


Still, those players said that they wanted to give you the T1 MVP. What do you think?


I ran away from voting for the T1 MVP because of this interview so I don’t think I’ll get it. [Laughs]


You’re playing in a new playoffs format. How do you think it is?


Playing the playoffs this way is new and fun. I think teams have more chances this way. There’s one more team that makes the playoffs, right? It’s better.


Today’s April Fool’s day. Is there a lie you’d like to tell? Or were there any practical jokes within the team today?


[Laughs] I don’t think we made any practical jokes today. As for lying… It’s been so long since I lied last, I don’t know. [Laughs]


How about a word to your teammates to wrap up this interview?


You all did a great job today to win 3-1. If we prepare well for the next round, we’ll do well. Fighting!

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