Dignitas drops entire VALORANT roster after poor performances

Source: Game Haus


After a disappointing past few months, Dignitas has decided to drop its entire male VALORANT roster. 


This decision was rumored for a while but Dignitas confirmed the major roster update in a tweet this morning. The organization called it a "difficult decision." Despite the unfortunate news, Dignitas noted that it will be keeping its women's roster and will remain "an avid supporter of VALORANT."


"We love the game, we love the players, we love the fans," Dignitas wrote. 



According to the update, Dignitas isn't giving up on the VALORANT scene, just their current roster. In the announcement, Dignitas noted that they are looking forward to "supporting new VALORANT initiatives in the future." This could mean searching for a brand new team. 


Even though the news came just a day before the VALORANT Champions Tour North America Stage 2: Challengers 1 tournament, the news is not a big shock to the VALORANT community. In former VCT tournaments this year, Dignitas struggled to break into the top 10. The team has clearly not been performing as expected. 


In the past few months, Dignitas' talented roster hasn't managed to reach expectations. Founding member Harrison "psalm" Chang had been benched recently, replaced by GianFranco "koalanoob" Potestio, who was on trial when the organization announced the roster drop.


That change didn't bring positive results: Dignitas lost to Ghost Gaming in Nerd Street Gamers March Monthly Playoffs: Round 16. While Koalanoob impressed with 35 frags, it wasn't enough to carry the team to the top. 


Dignitas fans seemed to understand the organization's decision. While upset at the loss of the entire squad, many voiced concerns with the poor performances as of late. 


Even though the team was dropped, former Dignitas player Rory "dephh" Jackson confirmed that they will still compete in VALORANT Champions Tour together. 


"An unfortunate set of circumstances even at the start of this roster," dephh said. 



Dignitas first announced a VALORANT team in August 2020. Since then, their roster has been through a lot of changes. But nothing seemed to pull them out of the middle of the pack. Fans of the players can still see them compete in VCT tomorrow, but the long-term future of the players is currently unclear. 

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