Server issues, bugs smudge Hearthstone's Forged in the Barrens expansion release

▲ Playing the new Hearthstone expansion was no easy task. Image via Reddit


It's a tradition like no other: Millions of players around the world log onto Hearthstone to experience brand new content that has been hyped and leaked over the course of a few weeks (or months) only to have the game crash, or lag, or inaccessible. On Tuesday afternoon, the ritual continued.


While it's factually incorrect to say that every Adventure, expansion or unique game mode that has debuted in Hearthstone has experienced problems on launch day, it happens more often than not. To make matters worse, Patch 20.0 was one of the largest in the game's history. With so many moving pieces, never-before-seen interactions, and people logging in, it's nearly impossible for the development team to catch every bug that may occur or for the servers to handle the spike in activity. 


When Hearthstone's newest expansion, Forged in the Barrens, went live on Tuesday afternoon alongside changes to the Core Set, and a yearly rotation of content to Wild, players reported numerous issues across different touchpoints. 


The most common snag players ran into was one in which they physically could not get into games. An error message reading "There was an error starting your game. Please wait a few minutes and try again," would show when players tried to queue into Standard, Wild, Casual or Classic. Dozens of players flocked to the official Hearthstone subReddit for advice and workarounds.


After a bit of time, a few users found that having golden Core cards in your deck (or in the opponent's one) would cause the game to crash. By simply swapping them to their original versions and by not queuing into someone who was doing the same, the playing experience was fine.


A myriad of other less game-breaking bugs such as cards not Discovering cards from the Core Set, the Mass Disenchant button missing for some, the game not showing how many cards are in player's hands occurred but didn't prevent the game from being played altogether.


Shortly after the expansion went live and the issues began rolling in, the official Hearthstone Twitter account notified the public that they were working to solve any and all problems.



Later in the night, the team followed up with a tweet that said a server-side hotfix was deployed and players should no longer experience issues trying to queue into games. 

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