MSI 2021 group draw and prize revealed: Winner gets extra slot at Worlds

Source: Riot


Riot Games announced Tuesday more details about the upcoming 2021 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI). Slated to take place in Reykjavík, Iceland, May 6-23, MSI 2021 will offer more than just the first international bout of the year.


In previous years, the winner of MSI would only bank monetary winnings and potentially affect the number of slots each region gets awarded at Worlds. This year, there a very clear extra incentive: the winner of MSI will win one extra slot for its region at Worlds 2021. This, however, doesn't mean that a region can end up with five slots if they happen to be #1 in Riot's ranking and also win MSI. 



"After MSI concludes, the final global power rankings for 2021 will be calculated. The highest
ranking league will get an additional slot unless that region also won MSI. In that case, the slot would pass down to the second highest ranking league in the power rankings," Riot explains. 


The groups for MSI have also been drawn. LPL, LEC and LCK are each coming as top seeds, leaving LCS in the same boat as VCS and PCS. The LCS team that manages to make it to MSI will share a group with the LCK champions, and if the Spring Split is any indication, that will likely be reigning world champions DWG KIA.


Group A Group B Group C
LPL (China) LEC (Europe) LCK (Korea)
VCS (Vietnam) PCS (SEA & Taiwan) LCS (North America)
LCL (CIS) TCL (Turkey) LLA (Latin America)
LCO (Oceania) CBLOL (Brazil) LJL (Japan)

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