T1 Faker: "The players in our current lineup all excel in playmaking and laning."

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In T1’s last match of the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split, they shut out Hanwha Life Esports 2-0. It showed T1’s gets stronger when the playoffs get nearer. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok was satisfied with the current roster and performance. He was determined to show a better performance in the playoffs.



Today’s performance was near perfect. How do you feel?


Although it didn’t mean anything in our placement, we had a clean 2-0 win. I’m happy that this win will help our momentum.


The regular season is over. Looking back at the spring split, how was it?


This spring season was really difficult and we had our troubles, but I’m relieved that we were able to show cleaner performance than before. I’ll prepare well so that we could perform better in the playoffs.


You didn’t play for a while. It was known that you requested for some time. Was there a reason?


My performance wasn’t good enough, and as I said before, there were equipment issues. The biggest reason was that my performance wasn’t good enough. It was a big help for me that I practiced without playing in official games. I thought raising my performance to play would be more helpful to the team than playing in a bad form.


If taking a break from official games to practice helped, are you positive about the rotation system?


There are both positive and negative aspects to it. I don’t think one style is clearly better.


The starting members had been locked for the recent games. What do you think about this composition?


Everyone has a lot of experience and we played together from last year. We were able to bring our synergy up in a short period of time. We have a stable performance from experience.


The rise of T1’s performance is amazing. How were you able to bring your performance up so much?


Today’s match didn’t mean anything for placement — I don’t think either team used the best tactics possible. So I don’t think too much of today’s performance. Rather than that, we’re on a 4-game winning streak with the current members. I think it’s a result we gained through the effort of the players and the coaching staff together.


It seems T1 has been concentrating on gaining bigger global gold leads than securing the dragon.


Our macro style mostly comes from our head coach. I think our macro has been changing through Daeny’s feedback.


When the team’s performance wasn’t as good as now, weren’t you worried about missing the playoffs?


Since the playoffs format changed and six teams can reach the playoffs, I thought we would somehow be able to reach it. So although winning was important, I thought it was more important to bring our performance up.


Which team are you aware of the most among the playoffs teams?


The only team that T1 lost to in both rounds was DWG KIA. I think they’re the strongest opponent and we’ll probably meet them in the semifinals or the finals. We’ve improved a lot compared to before and we changed much that we lacked, so if we were to meet again, I believe we could win.


Whose performance are you looking forward to the most in the playoffs?


I think all my teammates will do well. The players in our current lineup all excel in playmaking and laning so I think all of them will do well.


Your first opponent is DRX. Their performance hasn’t been that great lately. How will you prepare for the match?


Rather than thinking about the opponent’s performance, my goal is to focus on and raise our own performance. I want to reach the finals and get the best results possible.


Any last comments?


The spring season is almost over. I’ll show you my best performance.

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