Meta Athena Libero: "23 winning streaks to reach the top in APEX. That's our goal."


Meta Athena continued to surprise and entertain all Overwatch fans that were watching APEX today and so did Libero, as he now even showed a spectacular Sombra play that flew right into the enemy's behind drawing a beautiful arc. He instantly hacked enemy Zarya as he landed, opening the way for his teammates to capture Point A without as much struggle. His Hanzo and Genji continued to stay on point as they also did in Meta Athena's previous matches, and also Winston and D.Va with which he played his part in the team's creative yet successful strategy that generated much hype today.

Below is the post-match press interview with Hyesung "Libero" Kim.


How do you feel after securing your spot in the semis?

KongDoo Panthera is never an easy opponent, and we worked a lot on coming up with strategies that would be effective against them. It feels really great to see such effort pay off. We will not stop at semifinals. We will make it to the grand finals.


You seemed to be doing really well and on point today.

We get ten minutes for our final practice before the match begins. We realized that if we did poorly in those ten minutes, we would do well in the actual game. [laughs] It’s like our jinx. We also did really bad in the last practice before today’s matchup began.


You climbed to the high ground in Numbani with the Mei wall. What was your original plan after that?

We tried to eliminate the enemy one by one with Bastion and step into the point. That didn’t work as we planned.


You went all the way to Overtime before you could finally capture the point.

People tend to get nervous when Overtime starts to burn. The strange thing is that we actually become stronger during OT. That’s how we could stay strong and carry the game on. We generally don’t care as much about how much time there is remaining.


Your hero pool is just impressive.

Our DPS Sayaplayer does a great job, so we don’t really have to force ourselves to add another DPS hero. That naturally made me practice many different heroes. I usually learn by watching how other pros play them. For example, when I am working on my Winston, I watch Miro’s videos. That’s how I do it.


Who comes up with all the funky strategy?

We spare some time to have a group meeting and talk through what ideas everyone has. The strategy with Sombra today came from NUS. Our coach plays the role of ironing out our raw ideas so that it can work better in actual game.


Your upcoming matchup is against Lunatic-Hai.

That is giving us so much pressure. Our playstyle is generally weak against teams like Lunatic-Hai. We also tend to lose a lot against them in scrims. It even makes us question if it was a good idea to win Winners’ Match and advance to semis right away. [laughs] Lunatic-Hai sets solid strategy before taking action, and we are usually weak against such playstyle.


Your showed some spectacular moves with Sombra in Hanamura. You were already hacking Zarya before your feet even touched the ground.

I wasn’t necessarily trying to hack Zarya. Our original strategy was to just hack anyone and pick up kills. I was actually going to hack Reinhardt. It turned out well anyway, so it’s all good.


Meta Athena is continuously showing new strategy. Do you ever feel nervous about running out of ideas or other teams figuring out how to deal with your team’s strategy?

We are already aware of that. We have to bring new strategy basically in every game. It’s a relief that we still have quite a good amount of ideas that we prepared.


It’s quite hard to see you guys play Roadhog.

We are not really good at using Roadhog to its full potential like other top-tier teams do. We decided to do other things instead, to select feasible options and focus on those.


Any last word?

We climbed all the way here from Challengers. APEX Challengers is never a low-tier league, and the quality of play there can sometimes even be higher than APEX itself, so I hope people would be more interested in Challengers. We never thought we would come this far at first. We realized that if we win 23 consecutive matches this season, we would win the entire APEX. We will try hard with that goal in our mind.

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