Activision reportedly requests site owners shutdown SBMM Warzone

Source: SBMM Warzone

Activision's lawyers have reportedly reached out to the owners of the stat tracking site SBMM Warzone requesting that they shut down their site, according to a Twitter thread published by the owners of the site on Friday.


"Activision’s lawyers reached out and asked us to shut down," the owners of the site Ben and Dav explained in their tweet. "According to [Activision's] ToS, we can’t use their API. We’ve tried to reach them multiple times to become Partners, now is our last shot. Anyone working at #Activision, please reach out."



"According to the letter we received, we have until Monday to comply," they continued. "They want to guarantee their players’ privacy, which is great. But, by becoming partners, we could guarantee their privacy while giving the Warzone community the best stats it deserves. We’re eager to find a solution that suits everyone: Activision, the Warzone players, and us. Most of all, we certainly don’t want to let down the community that has come to rely on us for their Warzone match tracking."


SBMM Warzone is a popular stat tracking site that uses Warzone's API to tell players the matchmaking level of a given Warzone lobby. The site launched in late 2020 and has become one of the most popular destinations for  WZ players who are trying to improve and want to know what level lobbies they are being placed into.

Community rallies behind SBMM Warzone

Thousands of WZ players retweeted and liked SBMM's Warzone's threat on Friday, and showed their support with hundreds of encouraging comments.


Most notably, popular Warzone streamer Vikram "Vikkstar" Singh Barn offered his public support for the site, saying, "Sorry to see this happening, your site is a great asset, especially while no ranked system yet exists for Warzone. I intend to let Activision know this."



In addition to encouraging the site owners, many users in the comments pointed out how frustrating it was to them that Activision would take down a tool that is helpful to the community, while doing very little to shut down those who are selling and profiting off cheat engines for Warzone.


"Their lawyers can come at a stat site, but not the dozens of WZ cheat engines?" said twitter user Wolf in response to the original post.


Twitter user Flamez echoed a similar sentiment, saying, "this the only site that actually shows how much you improve. Activision would rather everyone not knowing if they are improving than to add an anti-cheat."


Unless Activision takes SBMM Warzone up on their partnership offer, the site is scheduled to be taken down on Monday.



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