HLE Deft: "I'm trying to enjoy my life... I hope there are more things that make me happy in the future."

▲ Source: Hanwha Life Esports


40 wins 3 losses. This is the record Hanwha Life Esports Kim "Deft" Hyuk-kyu has with Jinx. In Hanwha Life Esports' match on the 25th, Deft showed why his win rate on Jinx was so high. From securing lane priority to getting through the match — he showed what influence Jinx could have in a game.


There haven’t been many players that have played Jinx as well as Deft did. Deft was always at the vanguard dealing damage. About his playstyle, Deft said, "It was possible because I had insurance called Thresh. Considering the opponent’s composition, I thought I could deal damage first. In those situations, the ADCs should be in the front line fighting."


▲ Deft's favorite Jinx skin


Deft showed his mastery on Jinx in his skin choice and itemization. In the past, Deft said that his favorite Jinx skin was Ambitious Elf Jinx, but in today's match, he chose Firecracker Jinx. "I thought of when I played in the LPL when I chose this skin. At the time, I won a lot of games using this skin."


About his itemization that was different from the previous Afreeca Freecs match, Deft said, "In the last match, I chose Stormrazor as my first item, but today, I built Rapid Firecannon first. I thought RFC was better for today since there was a long-ranged champion on the other team, and I needed to make plays using the long range." He continued explaining the reason he bought QSS while he had Cleanse. "The reason I bought QSS despite that I had Cleanse was that the opponent can't make any variables if I don't die."


Deft didn't forget to praise his laning duo, Oh "Vsta" Hyo-seong. "There are things that can't be learned by being taught, but Vsta does his role well in teamfights. If he does the fundamentals well like understanding the meta or maintaining his condition, he'll continue to do well in the future."


Lastly, Deft mentioned his changed mindset this season. "I had a back ailment last season, and there were personal issues as well, so I put in a lot of thought. So aside from playing games, I'm trying to enjoy my life. Living is difficult in itself if I don't enjoy it," said Deft, "I try to find fun things in the littlest areas. Recently, I've been interested in collecting bath bombs — small things like this. I'm looking for such things that make me happy. I stream during my break, or sometimes drive. I hope there are more things that make me happy in the future."

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