[LCK Today] Afreeca Freecs fails to capture another win; eliminated from playoffs contention

Image via Afreeca Freecs

Once again, Afreeca Freecs failed to capture a match victory, and with it, their road to the Spring split playoffs came to an end.


Day 41 of the 2021 LCK Spring split took place on Mar. 21st. In the second match of the evening, Afreeca Freecs fell to T1 1-2, suffering their 6th consecutive loss streak of the split. While they seemed to be able to hold their own in the laning phase, AF was heavily outgunned in their macro game. AF have continuously struggled their transition into their mid-late game macro, and their struggle proved to be their downfall in keeping the playoffs hopes alive.


In game 1, AF had a whopping 5K gold lead, until the 25 minute mark, where everything fell apart. One teamfight was all it took for them to lose their lead, eventually leading to T1 taking the Baron Nashor. T1 was able to capitalize on AF’s shortcomings, and took the series lead 1-0.


In game 2, AF was able to solidify their early game lead. They continued to win skirmishes, eventually leading them to take Baron Nashor at 25 minutes. Despite a huge fumble afterwards, AF’s gold lead was too big for T1 to come back into the game. AF tied up the series 1-1, but the win was a fist-clenching one.


AF’s momentum halted in game 2. They looked absolutely helpless in game 3, as T1’s early game lead was too much for them to handle. A ‘hail mary’ Baron attempt was easily capitalized by T1, and with it, AF’s road to the Spring split playoffs came to an end.

Image via DWG KIA

In the first game of the day, DWG KIA took a demanding 2-0 victory over DRX. Game 1 looked hectic, as DRX had a sizable lead in the early to mid game. Both DRX and DWG KIA thrive in the mid-late game macro, but the team that came out on top was DWG KIA. It was recently revealed that the mid laner for DWG KIA, Heo “ShowMaker” Su, was suffering from a wrist injury, but his performance on Zilean was impeccable.


Game 2 was an absolute stomp by DWG KIA. They were able to rake in kills very early into the game, and did not allow a single mistake in their macro. They took down DRX’s nexus in 25 minutes, and with the kill score of 20-1, DWG KIA took the series 2-0.


2021 LCK Spring split day 41 results



T1 2 - Afreeca Freecs 1

2021 LCK Spring split standings


1st DWG KIA 15-2 (+22)

2nd Gen.G 12-5 (+12)

3rd Hanwha Life Esports 11-5 (+8)

4th T1 10-7 (+8)

5th DRX 9-7 (-2)

6th NS RedForce 6-10 (-7)

7th kt Rolster 5-11 (-9)

7th Liiv SANDBOX 5-11 (-9)

9th Fredit BRION 5-11 (-11)

10th Afreeca Freecs 4-13 (-12)

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