Dream supports fanbase after #CancelDreamStans trends over toxic behavior and threats

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Despite being accused of cheating on a speedrun, Dream is one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers in the world right now thanks to his entertaining commentary and Dream SMP Minecraft server. 


In fact, the cheating scandal didn't seem to deter his passionate fanbase at all. His dedicated viewers defended him at all costs. And now his fans have decided to defend his honor once more — and are now facing a backlash for their behavior. 


Streaming community calls on Dream fans to be canceled



When Dream announced that he was one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the US, a Twitter account c called Awesome Nintendo Facts noted that this was the "least deserved thing I've ever seen" and questioned why Dream was popular at all. 


"You can enjoy his content if you want, I won't judge. I've just had some bad experiences with his stans. They think being edgy is the funniest thing in the world," Awesome Nintendo Facts tweeted. 


Late last night, Awesome Nintendo Facts revealed that their accounts have been flooded with death threats and harassment from Dream's fanbase. They called the behavior "unacceptable." While they regretted their choice of words in the original tweet, Awesome Nintendo Facts stood by his opinion that the community surrounding Dream was "dogshit." 


"I'm getting absolutely fucking tired of it now," Awesome Nintendo Facts ranted. "My accounts are still being flooded with Dream stans. The community is an absolute shithole of a community. I do not respect any of the bullshit me or my supporters have been given and you guys need to get a fucking life already..." 


Awesome Nintendo Facts noted that some Dream fans were responding "not all of us are like that," but they said that a large enough percentage of the fans were toxic to garner the response. Destiny's fans had even locked Awesome Nintendo Facts' accounts multiple times. 



Dream responds to his community's toxic behavior


After #CancelDreamStans started trending on Twitter, Dream himself took notice of the drama. And the content creator had no sympathy for Awesome Nintendo Facts or his community. Instead, Dream joked that the "community has gone too far" by "watching content and making friends." 


Dream sided with his fans again in a follow-up tweet, stating that it was not right to "generalize millions of people." 



Dream then explained why the behavior was out of his control and not his responsibility. While he tweeted that he "obviously doesn't support death threats or threats at all, or any kind of disrespect," he said that the fans making those threats already know it's wrong and would "do it anyway." 


Of course, nobody expects the entirety of his fanbase to stop harassing other content creators the moment Dream calls out the behavior. But it's not out of the question that some diehard stans would respect his request since Dream is an idol and influencer to some fans. These diehard, unwavering fans would most likely heed his every word. 


The Minecraft community seemed in agreement, however, that Dream had no responsibility for the behavior of his devout followers. Many fans noted that the community can't be blamed for toxicity and the responsibility should instead be pinpointed on the individuals who made the decision to harass other content creators. 



Dream has stated on multiple occasions that he doesn't condone harassment, since his fanbase has received similar criticism for their behavior in the past. But other streamers have pointed out in the past that Dream himself has behaved in a toxic way to other streamers, most likely encouraging his fanbase to behave similarly. 


Dream later tweeted that it was just a "small percentage" of his fanbase that behaved in a toxic manner. But some within the streaming community feel that even a small percentage is too many. 

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