SSG CuVee: "I wish to defeat SKT in the future and reach the top"

On March 16th (KST), Samsung Galaxy defeated kt Rolster 2-1 in the second matchup of Day 33 LCK Spring Split 2017, held at Sangam eStadium. After dropping Game 1, Samsung came back to take the series for the first time against kt in the regular season. As if to compensate for Game 1, SungJin “CuVee” Lee played a pivotal role for the team’s victory.


Below is the post-match press interview with CuVee.



It was definitely a hard-earned victory. How does it feel to come back in what some may even call bloodbath of a series?

I was nervous because kt Rolster is a comparatively strong team. It feels pretty good to win.


The opponent let Varus and Camille slip past the draft in Game 1. Why did you choose Camille?

We often let the enemy take Varus in scrims. That’s why we took Camille and gave them Varus today. However, kt exploited the fact that Camille needs some time to grow, and we lost as a result. kt knew exactly how to accrue early leads to close out the game.


There was a critical mistake while invading in Game 2. Did it affect you mentally?

I overextended and wasted Flash because I didn’t take into account Gragas’ Body Slam. When the enemy went for our red, Haru wanted to stand his ground and fight. We ended up giving up two kills due to my taking Steadfast Presence(W) as well as a host of unfavorable circumstances. Still, I didn’t let it get to me.


Crown literally demolished the opponent in Game 2. Did you expect him to play this well?

He won many times against LeBlanc in scrim sessions, so I believed in him. I almost take it for granted that he will win because I know he’s confident in his Ryze versus LeBlanc matchup.


You gave the opponent another chance by letting them steal Baron. What was the voice comm like at the time?

I thought we could wait out the buff because we have the upper hand in teamfights even after giving up Baron. Our comp had more CC, which allowed us to initiate on our terms.


Were you caught off-guard by the toplane target bans? What champions did you have in mind at the time?

Toplaners tend to gravitate towards tanks these days, so I felt that I can probably split Gragas or Poppy with the opponent. There are very little power level differences between those two champions. You can go with either one depending on whether the team’s emphasis is on AP or AD.


You finally managed to beat kt for the first time in the regular season. I’m sure it means something to you.

I think we’re getting one step closer to an even higher place. I wish to defeat SKT in the future and reach the top.


Do you feel that Samsung’s form has improved this season?

Every player’s individual form has been excellent, and we’ve come a long way in terms of coordination. So, I feel that we’ve grown as a team.


Anything you’d like to say?

A huge thanks to the fans for rooting for us. Lastly, congratulations to Ambition on his engagement.

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