More than a dozen Forged in the Barrens cards revealed for Hearthstone's upcoming expansion

▲ Card reveal season is upon us. Image via Blizzard Entertainment


As Hearthstone's upcoming expansion, Forged in the Barrens, is set to launch at the end of the month, Blizzard Entertainment is hard at work making sure all 135 cards are revealed in the next two weeks.


In order to do so, the next week will feature cards shared daily across numerous social media platforms and by different Hearthstone content creators.


Formally beginning on Tuesday morning, seven cards were made public. Shortly after, players began theorycrafting decks and archetypes they can get experiment with when the set goes live on March 30.


The following cards were revealed on Tuesday:


▲ Card images via HearthPwn


Right on schedule, cards began trickling out on Wednesday morning as well:


▲ At 5 mana, Condemn deals 2. At 10 mana, Condemn deals 3.


At the end of the reveal week, the Hearthstone team will be hosting an official live stream where players can see the remaining never-before-seen cards in action. Attending the event are Hearthstone Community Manager Chris Sierra, Game Designer Liv Breeden, and content creator RegisKillbin.


Players who want to get their hands on Forged in the Barrens cards early can participate in solo Fireside Gatherings the weekend before the expansion goes live. Those who sign up and create a hub at their homes will be able to open their Forged in the Barrens card packs from the safety of their homes and craft decks that they can use when the 30th rolls around. The development team is also creating a special Fireside Brawl which comes with pre-construction decks featuring cards from the upcoming expansion so players can get a feel for what works (and what doesn't) ahead of time.


Those interested can find more information about how to register for Fireside Gatherings here.

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