LSB FATE: "For now, my goal is to be called "the best 'playoffs team' mid laner of all time.”

Image via Liiv SANDBOX

On Mar. 12th, day 35 of the 2021 LCK Spring split took off with Liiv SANDBOX taking on kt Rolster. With a set score of 2-0, LSB was able to take the victory and climb to 9th place in the standings, keeping their hopes of making it to the playoffs alive.


After the match, Inven caught up with the mid laner for LSB, Yoo “FATE” Su-hyeok to talk about the victory.

LSB picked up their 4th victory of the split after taking down KT tonight. How do you feel about the victory?


I’m very happy that we’re now on a win streak. All of our players had a small discussion before the match, and I heard that if we continue to ride this win streak and get more wins, we have a chance to make it to the playoffs. Tonight’s match was very important in our match schedule, so I’m very happy that we won.


It looks like LSB is playing better each day. What was the problem before, and what changed to enable the team to play better?


Generally speaking, all of us stopped making plays that goes overboard. We play our games more calmly, and focus on reducing our mistakes. 

The 7th to 10th places teams are all tied with 4 match wins under their belt, so the race to the playoffs will look to become even more fierce.


For us to make it to the playoffs, we have to win all of our remaining regular split matches. No matter who our opponents are, we’re only focused on winning.


While LSB’s bot lane looked very unstable in the past, the current bot lane seems to play more consistently. Is it safe to say that the team’s bot lane has stabilized?


When we’re doing reviews, our bot lane still has areas they can improve on. Still, the bot lane has gotten a lot better than before, and even changed stylistically. Overall, I believe that we’re all improving.


Until tonight, you’ve only played Syndra once. How come?


I did practice her a lot in the beginning, but I generally preferred playing Orianna, Azir and Zoe over Syndra. I honestly wasn’t aware that I only played Syndra once; she has always been a champion that’s ready to be picked. I personally think Syndra’s a great champion. It’s important for the player to really know when she’s strong, and has a high return when she trades with her opponent in that time frame.


One of your nicknames in the Korean community is, ‘The best 10th place team mid laner of all time’. Are you aware of how the community thinks of you?


It’s my first time hearing that nickname (laughter). While we have no one else to blame for ourselves for our poor performance, we always tell ourselves that we’re not going to be a 10th place team. When it comes to our performance levels, I believe that we have the potential to climb higher in the standings. 


It’s nice to be called the best, but I want to be a mid laner of a team that’s higher than 10th place. For now, my goal is to be called "the best 'playoffs team' mid laner of all time” (laughter).


LSB has tough opponents that are waiting, with their next opponents being Hanwha Life Esports. 


Chovy’s a great player, and HLE are a very strong team. Their biggest strength lies with Chovy; his champion pool is already unique, so in order for us to win, our first task is to not leave room for variance. I’ll need to be the one to practice the hardest for the match.


What kind of a mid laner do you want to become?


Rather than being flashy, I want to become a mid laner that wins easily. I want to be a mid laner that is able to effectively help out the team get things rolling, ultimately providing aid in the team’s victory.


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


With tonight’s match victory, we climbed to 9th. The bottom teams have similar win/loss records, so the standings can change at any time. We’ll make sure to give it our all in every one of our upcoming matches to make it to the playoffs.

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