[Interview] DK Khan breaks down some of his signature champions in the LCK

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Kim “Khan” Dong-ha has a unique ability to make a certain champion seem better. He’s known for a lot of different champions in his past, but in 2021, he looks unstoppable on Sion. Despite many pro players attempting to copy Khan, the gap is too wide to be closed. Khan states that he’s just a forerunner, but tonight’s series against Fredit BRION says otherwise.


We, at Inven, asked Khan to rate some champions that have been closely associated with him this split. The conversation that followed glimpses at the history of how he became known for his set of champions.

#1 - Sion

12-4 record in the LCK (75% Winrate), 5.2 KDA

"Sion is a pick that I found when I was trying to balance out the AD to AP ratio in team compositions. Usually, when you think of tanks, champions such as Ornn, Gragas, and Malphite are your go-to champions, and they’re all AP. A lot of the time, that can lead to triple AP team compositions. So when I was trying to find a tank that’s more AD, I researched into the potential of Sion."


"Ever since I started to play Sion in the LCK, I’ve heard that players from other leagues try to follow my footsteps. There really isn’t a secret behind playing him well. I’m just a guy that did it first. When others weren’t playing Sion, I played him a lot and got better at him. I will, however, take credit for finding the best itemization on him, because I probably experimented with him a lot more than anyone else."

#2 - Jayce

28-7 record in the LCK (80% Winrate), 4.4 KDA

"Jayce is a champion that brought me great results after I returned to the LCK from the LPL. There was a period of time when players didn’t pick champions like Jayce. However, after I picked Jayce, people started to play him more, so in that sense, he became a signature champion of mine. It really feels good to have people copy my pocket pick."

#3 - Gangplank

12-4 record in the LCK (75% winrate), 3.3 KDA

Favorite GP skin: "FPX Gangplank. I want to help the FPX boys sell some of their skins. The quality of the skin isn’t that bad as well."

"Depending on champion mastery, the GP vs Gnar matchup can go either way. The first time I played GP this season was against Kim “Canna” Chang-dong’s Gnar. It’s a matchup that hasn’t been played in a while, so he probably didn’t know how to play against GP. Other players are more proficient on GP these days, so I can’t play GP as much as before. It’s still a good pick, but I don’t think it’s a counterpick to Gnar."

#4 - Aatrox

21-7 record in the LCK (75% winrate), 3.5 KDA

"Aatrox is a champion that I played a lot during my T1 days, so I think he’s very versatile. At the time, top laners leashing for their jungler had a pretty big impact in their laning phase. Aatrox’s biggest strength back then, was that even when he leashes for his jungler, he can play the laning phase out well. From the leash, we were even able to change our early game macro as well. I don’t think Aatrox is a champion that represents me, as other players not only play him a lot, they are also just as good with the champion."


#5 - ???

Who’s next?


"Right now, I don’t have anything prepared. Just like Jayce, I practice, get better at the champion, and try it in the LCK. I gained confidence on Jayce, and I played him a lot because of it, so people started associating me with Jayce."


"I picked Lulu in our series tonight, and it was a pick to prove to others that we have many different cards available. My lane opponent played Gnar, and if our pick pressured the enemy to be aware, then that’s enough reason for us to pick Lulu."

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