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SSG's A Series of Unfortunate Events



Today’s editorial cartoon is about the “Intentional Disconnection” incident where SSG lost a set score for quitting the game before the match ended.

On March 12th (KST), Day 30 of the LCK Spring Split 2017, the matchup between SSG and LZ ended with SSG’s 2-0 victory. It was a flawless victory for SSG, with Chan-yong “Ambition” Kang being the key player of the game. Unfortunately, it was not a perfect day for them. SSG ended up losing a set score due to Jae-hyuk “Ruler” Park’s Intentional Disconnection just before the match ended. SSG had already received a Caution for the same reason back in January, and received a penalty of 1 set score this time.

There have been cases where teams receive a Caution or a penalty for leaving a game before the match is over, regardless of winning or losing. SSG and MVP received a Caution in January due to an intentional disconnection, and LZ received a penalty due to their late roster registration.

The rules for LCK clearly state that a team who intentionally leaves a game before it is completely over shall be penalized. The rule has been an issue among the fans because it still applies even when the match is practically over. Although all teams have understood the rule and familiarize themselves with it, some fans are raising their voices that losing a set score is too much for SSG since the disconnection took place during the brief moment between the destruction of the Nexus and the victory animation.

As the LCK Spring Split 2017 is slowly approaching its zenith, the stakes become ever higher, to the point where every single set score matters. The players have worked really hard to get every single set score, and it is a tragedy for both the players and their fans to lose that score due to a small mistake.

LCK is getting more and more intense as the grand finale approaches. It is time for the teams to be extra careful about the scores they’ve earned, and be aware that they can lose their hard-earned scores due to some minor mistakes. We hope every team will give their best performance, without any unfortunate incidents losing them a precious set score.



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