HLE Chovy: "I wanted to win, so I researched."

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For Hanwha Life Esports, their mid laner, Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon was at the center of another victory. Despite their loss in their previous series against Gen.G, HLE picked up a 2-0 victory against Afreeca Freecs. With surprise picks such as mid Aatrox, Chovy was named Player of the Game (PoG) for both game 1 and 2.


After the match, Chovy joined Inven for a short interview.

Thoughts on the 2-0 victory?


Afreeca Freecs had a lot prepared for our series, so it was much harder for us to snowball the game. Regardless, I feel very happy about the 2-0.


There are a lot of people that think you’re better on AD champions than when you’re playing AP champions.


I agree. I think I’m better at AD champions. I’ve played a lot of them over the years, and when I’m playing an AD champ, I think a lot more about how I can make plays that the opponents can’t predict. Furthermore, I can make plays that can create variance on AD champs, so things turn out well.


You have a great track record on Aatrox in the mid lane, so why do you only play the champion from time to time?


It’s hard for my opponents to predict that I’m going to play Aatrox, so it works best when I only play it from time to time. One of Aatrox’s biggest weaknesses is that he doesn’t have early lane priority, so I can’t pick him frequently. However, I play a lot of Aatrox, so I’m confident in my ability to play well.


Personally, I think he’s really fun. You play passively when you’re playing against an AP mage, and play super aggressively in lane when you’re playing against roaming champions. It’s all situational.


I’ve seen a lot of Everfrost being built on AP mages. Can you tell us about your itemization choice on Viktor tonight?


Not only does Everfrost have great stats, it’s active is really good. Another reason I built Everfrost tonight was because our opponents had a team composition that rushed into Viktor.


Your rune & item choices seemed very unique. Not only did you take Predator on Aatrox, your mythic item choice was Stridebreaker. How come?


If you really try hard to figure out what’s better, the answer will eventually come. I wanted to win, so I researched. Everything that I play on stage comes from experimentation in solo queue and in scrims. If other people start to copy me, then I’m going to surpass them by trying things that are new and better.


You finally picked Syndra in your last series. I remember you saying in an interview, that you’d rather find methods to counter Syndra. What made you pick her?


Considering our team composition and our draft, Syndra was the best choice. A loss is a loss, so I’m not too bummed out about it. Even though I lost on Sion and Syndra, I feel that they’re still great situational picks, so I’ll leave all possibilities open.


Recently, your former teammate, Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon, hit rank 1 on the KR solo queue ladder. What’s your reaction to his accomplishment?


I think the solo queue system is broken. The Doran I know could’ve never hit rank 1. I think he had great team luck.


Lastly, a word to your fans.


I feel that we’re doing great so far. We’ll make sure to perform even better, so please continue to send us your support.

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