VALORANT players decide to teabag opponents during Champions Tour after being told not to

Source: G2 Esports


European VALORANT players decided to teabag corpses during a VALORANT Champions Tour match after being advised not to. 


A match lobby host asked participating pros to not tea bag or shoot dead enemies during matches, which Patryk "paTiTek" Fabrowski shared on Twitter. What was meant as a polite suggestion quickly turned into a meme, causing even more teabagging during G2's match against Team Defuse than ever before. 




G2 Esports seemed especially adamant about breaking this rule. The team's owner, Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguez, even demanded his Valorant team to teabag and shoot the enemy's corpses freely. 


G2's VALORANT team was happy to oblige. A clip of patitek teabagging one of Defuse's corpses was rabidly shared around social media. Some fans called it "cringe" since G2 ultimately lost to Team Defuse, which resulted in them being knocked out of the VALORANT Champions Tour. But sometimes you have to do it for the meme. 



patitek most likely won't face any punishment for teabagging his opponent since it's not clear if this is a strict policy or just a polite reminder. Either way, it seems that the VALORANT esports scene is hoping to cut down on this common FPS tradition. 


Over in North America, a First Strike player received death threats for teabagging an opponent back in December. Sentinels' Michael "dapr" Gulino faced some severe backlash for teabagging 100 Thieves' Joshua "steel" Nissan during the tournament. 



"Same people seem happy my Dad died because we're hitting a key on our keyboard. Don't even think I did it more than once the whole series LMAO," added dapr's teammate Shahzeeb "ShahZaM" Khan. 



Like back in Europe, Sentinels ended up losing the match after teabagging their opponents. Even if you don't find teabagging offensive, I think we can all agree by now that teabagging is apparently cursed. 

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