Twitch streamer Ludwig has appendix removed during vacation

Source: Ludwig Ahgren

Twitch streamer and online personality Ludwig Ahgren tweeted "I lived, bitch" on Thursday evening, after having his appendix removed in an emergency procedure. The tweet received over 200,000 upvotes in less than a day, with thousands of fans and fellow creators taking to the comment section to celebrate his successful appendectomy.



The appendix removal comes only a few days into Ludwig's vacation from streaming that he announced on February 28th. His very first vacation update was the announcement that he needed an emergency operation early on Thursday.


"Vacation update: Found out I have an appendix today," Ludwig said sarcastically in a Tweet. "Also found out that my appendix is actual dogwater so I have to get it surgically removed."



When the surgery was initially announced on Twitter, content creators like Super, Jacksepticeye, Dream, TommyInnit, and many others offered their emotional support for Ludwig in the comment section. Many of the same creators were also there to celebrate his safe return on his post-op tweet.


It typically takes between one and three weeks to recover from a surgery like this one. Luckily, Ludwig already had some time off scheduled, so he can focus on his recovery from the operation without having to worry about a stream schedule. He has not yet announced when he will return to streaming. With this latest health event, it may be longer than the streamer originally intended.

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