Blood Centers of America collaborates with Riot Games’  League Championship Series to save lives

Source: Riot Games

The following was sent to Inven Global as a Press Release


March 2, 2021Blood Centers of America (BCA) and its partners, which are responsible for over 50% of America’s blood supply, have entered into a unique partnership with Riot Games’ League Championship Series (LCS) - the largest professional esports competition in North America. Starting on March 5, the partners will launch the ‘First Blood Saves Lives’ campaign and call upon League of Legends players and fans who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate their plasma (CCP), in support of the fight against the virus. Throughout the month of March, game broadcasts will help promote the CCP challenge, encouraging viewers to donate their blood plasma. In exchange, donors will be rewarded with an in-game Kai’Sa skin from the League of Legends game. 

News in brief:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for plasma donations by people who have fully recovered from a COVID-19 infection, which is also known as Convalescent Plasma.
  • Convalescent Plasma (CCP) has antibodies to the COVID-19 virus, which can be used to treat patients hospitalized with the disease.
  • This March, BCA will serve as the ‘Official First Blood Partner’ for the LCS.
  • During the LCS broadcasts, gamers who have recovered from a COVID-19 infection will be called on to sign up as a plasma donor.
  • CCP donors will receive the K/DA ALL OUT Kai’Sa Skin, even if they donate plasma at a local community blood center that is not affiliated with BCA.
  • The partnership is encouraging all gamers to become donors, even if they have not had COVID-19.
  • Starting today, gamers can sign up as a donor via the website

The partnership tie-in is clear, as the first important action in League of Legends is ‘First Blood’. And now, players are called on to donate real-life blood. As a token of gratitude, they will receive a League of Legends skin to use in-game. The campaign will run until the end of March. With this partnership, Blood Centers of America and the LCS hope to reach hundreds of thousands of gamers and millions of Americans to raise awareness of the urgent need for CCP and all blood donations in general.


CCP Urgency
Donating CCP can help others who have been hospitalized with COVID-19. While fewer people are being hospitalized with the virus in the U.S., the need for CCP and all blood donations continues. Through this partnership, we are asking gamers to donate plasma to help patients in need in their communities.


Bill Block, CEO Blood Centers of America: “During the COVID-19 pandemic, blood centers have played a vital role in offering one of the few therapies approved for Emergency Use for patients hospitalized with the virus. In order to keep up with the significant demand for this vital therapy, CCP donors have been a critical part in continuing to ensure its availability.  As the need for CCP decreases, we are asking donors to consider donating their blood for other life-saving opportunities. The partnership with the LCS is a novel way to reach a population to help us continue to keep our blood supplies in a healthy state during the pandemic and beyond.”

Matthew Archambault, Head of Esports Partnerships, Riot Games North America & Oceania: “The LCS admires the work that BCA and its network continue to do, supporting pandemic relief and enhancing local communities' ability to supply safe and reliable blood supply. We hope that, with the help of our fans, we can amplify the organization’s efforts to increase CCP donations and significantly lessen the profound impact of COVID-19.”

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