Female Overwatch Pro Aspen claims #1 position on NA leaderboard

Source: Overwatch League

Female professional Overwatch player Becca “Aspen'' Rukavina once again ascended to the top of the NA support leaderboard this past weekend, with an impressively high 4704 SR.  This is the second time in two months that she has claimed the #1 spot.



Although she is best known for her Mercy play, Aspen used a variety of healers during her climb to the top. Over the past few weeks, she has focused primarily on Baptiste and Lucio, since those characters are firmly top of the supportive meta. 


Many fans took to Twitter and Reddit to congratulate Aspen, however, there was also a portion of the community that responded with toxicity. There were a number of people trying to minimize the accomplishment, while others claimed she was boosted or that she was a Mercy one trick


The backlash was bad enough that it prompted a response from the Boston Uprising, who posted a message supporting Aspen and condemning "sexism and misogyny" in Overwatch. 



Over the past couple of years, Aspen has competed for a variety of professional Overwatch teams like Revival, Team Doge, and SquareOne. She became the first woman to ever compete in the Overwatch North American Contenders division in 2019. Her stated goal is to reach the Overwatch League, however, no Overwatch League team has ever given the player a shot despite her impressive ladder rankings and extensive experience competing professionally. 

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