Rainn Wilson beats Fortnite pro Benjyfishy, facing Sardoche in PogChamps 3 finals tomorrow

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Rainn Wilson is best known for portraying Dwight in The Office. But he soon may become known as a chess champion. 


After defeating Fortnite pro Ben "Benjyfishy" Fish in the semifinals, Wilson is heading into tomorrow's PogChamps 3 finals. He will be playing against Twitch streamer Andréas "Sardoche" Honnet. The entertaining and intense face-off will take place 12 PM PST. 


The match against Benjyfishy was an extremely close one. Wilson started off with a three pawn deficit, but he ended up stalemating the young Fortnite champion in a K/Q endgame. The final match score put Wilson at 1.5 and Benjyfishy at 0.5.


While I'm not entirely sure what any of this means, the commentators are clearly amused by the turn of events. Check out the ending of the match below: 



"I still want to play chess after this. I still want to continue playing as a hobby. I really enjoy it. I want to start working towards the 1500s, 1600s eventually. I don't see this stopping," Benjyfishy said after his defeat. 


The winner of the final match tomorrow will receive $20,000. Whoever loses will still walk away with $12,000 — and the knowledge that they beat some of the tournament's biggest names, Felix "xQc" Lenyel and Imane "Pokimane" Anys. 


PogChamps 3 has become a very popular Twitch tournament. Chess.com reported that over 100,000 tuned in to watch xQc's matches on the fourth day of the competition. While professional, top-level chess can be difficult to understand, inviting casual players and popular personalities to compete has made chess a lot more approachable and relatable to the gaming community and beyond. 

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