Impact of Video Gaming as a Topic to Write about in your Paper

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Video games have long been students' primary source of entertainment. Some play games because they don’t want to go on vacation. They prefer to recharge their batteries in the virtual world. In turn, others play video games because they genuinely love them. 

The gaming industry has recently surged. We observe thousands of new games produced annually. And no matter how picky people are, they can find something their heart desires. 

The purpose of video games goes way beyond simple leisure time. Games have a profound impact on everyone who plays them. Previously, you invited a friend to write my essay, but now you would rather play video games together. And this has changed many aspects of our lives. If you mull over writing about video games' influence, this article will shed some light on why this topic is good and what you can write about. 

Games Might Be Addictive

Indeed, students might get addicted to games. They can spend days playing games, and when deadlines for their assignments are close, they don't know what to do. The only option is to seek help from friends. "I've been playing for a long time, do you know anyone who can write my essay for me cheap?" is the common question. If you have a backup, you are fine. But if not? This is the main reason why video games may have an adverse impact on student life. 

Games Boost Your Critical Thinking

We have all been told that games only make you worse off. Our parents and teachers are always against playing games. They think games spread violence. However, it is not true. Video games have a significant impact on our critical thinking. They help us find the most efficient ways to solve various problems. For example, Dragon Age: The Origins is entirely built on dialogs that play a pivotal role in a plot. Every response is crucial. Players have to analyze every response to have the desired outcome.

Besides, Hearthstone, a card game, helps you boost your critical thinking and decision-making skills. You get cards at the beginning of every round, which you have to use correctly to beat the enemy. If you choose the wrong card, the odds are high you will lose. The game is also time-limited, meaning every round lasts for 75 seconds. 

Games Heal Lazy Eye Syndrome

Another benefit of games is that they help heal lazy eye syndrome. The problem is, western people don't spend their time actively. Our eyes tend to be focused on one single point. When it doesn't influence mature people, it harms kids and students. The latter category should move their eyes as frequently as possible. Neglecting to do that results in lazy eye syndrome. It is especially evident when watching TV. People usually watch at one point that makes their eyes remain in one position. 

Contrary to that, video games make your eyes move five times more frequently. Such actions prevent adults from developing this detrimental syndrome. Games can even be used in recreational goals to help students advance their eye-sight.

Games Improve Attention

When played in moderation, games help improve attention. Students often complain about their low productivity and lack of desire to study. Playing video games for an hour on a daily basis increases the time a student can stay concentrated. STEM students declare that playing video games, even though they are not keen players, boosts their attention. Moreover, they remain tranquil during classes and even various exams. 

The thing is, many video games are full of conversations. Only players decide whether they want to interact with people. Some NPCs should be avoided, as they can harsh the game progress or make it much more complicated. This fact makes students more careful and thorough when talking to others. 

Games Develop Our Multitasking

Completing quests is a common thing in every game. And precisely, such pursuits have a significant impact on students and their academic performance. Before taking a quest, players evaluate how much time and other resources they will need to complete the task. This helps find the most effective way to finish the job. For instance, those who play World of Warcraft and raid different instances have to gather parties to eliminate bosses. Every raid has a leader who has to multitask, write orders, control the party's health, and come up with the general strategy. All at once. Those who play games confirm that their multitasking skills have surged after playing in moderation. 

Games Bolster Our Cognitive Abilities

In a nutshell, when you play games, you flex your brain muscles. And the longer they are activated, the younger your body will be. Look at genius scholars. They look way younger than their age. It has a simple explanation. Our brain needs fluid to operate correctly and efficiently. When you play games, you stretch your brain muscles and keep them in good shape. As a result, you have an abundance of this fluid. Your cognitive abilities are enhanced, and you look younger and fresher. This helps keep your mental and physical health at a high and satisfactory level. Students agree that intellectually demanding games make them feel more confident and their language and mindset more effective.


Video gaming influences academia, undoubtedly. Whatever the game students play, it will have an impact on their performance. If they are addicted to it, playing this game will do them no good. Conversely, if played in moderation, the benefits are evident. The mentioned are hints on why video gaming is an excellent topic to write about in your paper.

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