[Guide] Best loadout for the LC10 SMG in Warzone

Source: Activision-Blizzard

The LC10 is the latest SMG to be added to Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. You can unlock the new weapon for free by climbing to Tier 31 of the COD Season 2 battle pass.


The LC10 is best described as a balanced SMG that is designed to work at a variety of ranges. While it won’t dominate at close range like some other SMGs like the Mac-10, it can hold its own in a wider set of contexts. The ability to carry an SMG that you can rely upon at a multitude of ranges can be valuable in Warzone, a game where combat can occur at any distance.

Overview to the LC10 SMG

The LC10 features a relatively low damage model, only dealing 30 damage per shot up close. This means that in close quarters fights, this weapon is a 5 shot kill to a target with no armor, a 7 shot kill to an enemy with one plate of armor, and a hefty 10 shot kill to a fully armored opponent in Warzone. Of course, you will have to land even more shots at ranges beyond 20 meters.


This weapon makes up for its lower damage model with a predictable vertical recoil pattern, a fast firing rate, and solid damage at range for an SMG. 


The LC10 features an effective range of just over 21 meters, which is the highest effective range of any SMG currently available in Warzone. It even outdistances the MP5, which is known for its mid-range effectiveness. 


The LC10 also features a very low horizontal recoil of 60 j and a relatively low vertical recoil of 200 j, which means that this gun’s shot pattern is very easy to control.


This weapon has a time to kill of 300 MS, which is around average for SMGs. There are SMGs with faster times to kill, like the Fennec and the MP5, so if your goal is to dominate only close-quarters combat situations consider one of those SMGs. But if you are looking for the most versatile SMG option, the LC10 might be a good choice.


Best loadout for the LC10

  • Agency suppressor
  • 11.9” reinforced heavy barrel
  • Steady Aim Laser
  • Fast Mag
  • Speed Tape


This loadout capitalizes on the LC10’s already versatile design, by making it even more effective at mid-range while also increasing the hip-fire accuracy to be more effective in close quarters. 


Sound suppressor

Staying covert is crucial to surviving in Warzone, so the sound suppressor is a valuable attachment to use. While it won’t reduce vertical recoil, like the agency suppressor will, the sound suppressor only reduces your effective range by 15% instead of 25% like the agency suppressor. So for the LC-10 SMG the sound suppressor is preferable since you want to maintain as much of your damage at range as possible with this gun. 


11.9” reinforced heavy barrel

The 11.9” reinforced heavy barrel will give you back all your range damage that you lost from adding the sound suppressor, plus 3% extra. It also increases your bullet velocity by 80%, taking the velocity from 410 m/s to 738 m/s. Both the damage at range improvement and the bullet velocity increase are welcome improvements to the LC10’s stats.


Steady aim laser

Since this is an SMG, it is important that it is a reliable short-range weapon. The steady aim laser attachment will improve your hip-fire accuracy by 15%, making this weapon a slightly more effective short-range option. The addition of a laser sight is a no-brainer for most SMGs in Warzone, and the LC10 is no exception.


Fast mag or Extended Mag

The fast mag gives you a faster reload time. When the fast mag is active, it brings your reload quickness from 2.2 seconds to 1.7 seconds. The faster reload can help you play more aggressively and recover during fights more quickly. Alternatively, there are several extended mag options to choose from if you prefer more bullets-per-mag over a faster reload.


Speed tape

Speed tape is a solid attachment for this weapon. It adds a straight 10% bonus to your aim-down-sights time with no statistical drawbacks. Since this weapon is a run-and-gun style SMG, the extra fast ADS will help improve the flow and handling of this gun.


If you are looking for a submachine gun that is effective at short and mid-ranges, the LC-10 might be your kind of weapon. It probably won’t outperform the very best SMGs up close, but its ability to challenge opponents at a variety of ranges can come in very handy inside the Warzone.

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