[Guide] Best loadout for the FARA 83 Assault Rifle in Warzone Season 2

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The FARA 83 was first added to Warzone in Season 2. This rifle is currently one of the most powerful options in the AR category.


The FARA 83 excels at mid-range and can hold its own in close-quarters combat as well, especially if you fit it out with the right loadout. When properly kitted out, this gun has the potential to challenge the recently nerfed FFAR 1’s dominance over the Season 3 Warzone meta due to its more versatile capabilities and rapid time-to-kill.


Overview to the FARA 83 Assault Rifle

In real life, the FARA 83 is an Argentinian rifle that was developed during the Cold War and first distributed to Argentina's military in 1984. The rifle bears a similar look to the Israeli Galil, which is no a coincidence, as the FARA 83’s visual was originally inspired by the IMI Galil.


The FARA 83 assault rifle deals 31 damage per shot, making it a 5 shot kill on an enemy with no armor. It features an 800 round per minute fire rate, which is second from Cold War’s AR category, only being beaten out by the FFAR 1. The damage and fire rate combine together for a time-to-kill of 300 MS, which is tied with the AK47 for the fastest TTK in the AR class of weapons. 


The iron sights on this gun are very usable. They don’t cover too much of your screen and they offer a precise enough visual reticle that you can confidently use them in mid-range, or even long-range, gunfights. Of course, there are plenty of solid optics available to use with the FARA 83 as well, but you don’t have to use an optic on this weapon to have a good time.


The FARA 83’s biggest drawback is its large horizontal recoil value of 150, which is nearly double the horizontal recoil of any other weapon in the AR category. As a result, this weapon is going to underperform against a lot of other Assault rifles at longer distances, since most ARs feature pretty manageable horizontal recoil. 


This gun has serious potential. There is a specific niche distance between short and mid-range where this gun excels, the same range that the FFAR 1 has dominated in recent months. The FARA 83 could even surpass the FFAR 1 in the Warzone meta in the coming months, due to its faster time to kill and better damage at range. 


The best FARA 83 loadout


  • 40 Round Extended Magazine
  • Spetsnaz Speed Grip
  • Laser Sight
  • Suppressor
  • 19.5” Liberator Barrel or Speed tape


As with all the weapons in Call of Duty, you should experiment with different loadouts to see what fits your playstyle the best, but this loadout is a good starting point for anyone who is looking to reduce the horizontal recoil of this weapon, increase its magazine size, and shore its competitive viability in short-range gunfights. 


With this setup, the FARA 83 becomes a versatile killing machine.


40 Round Extended Magazine

Extended mags are a must on this gun. The standard 30 round magazines don’t last long with an 800 RPM fire rate. As a result, it is difficult to down multiple enemies on a single magazine with this weapon without having to reload. I found myself often running out of ammo in my magazine while attempting fully armored targets in Warzone. The extra 10-rounds provide enough of a cushion that you won’t have to constantly worry about reloading in the middle of gunfights.


Spetsnaz Speed Grip

The Spetsnaz Speed Grip is a great addition to this weapon. It will lower your horizontal recoil by a full 20%, which is a noticeable reduction that makes it much easier to control this weapon during gunfights at any range. Lowering the horizontal recoil is especially desirable in Warzone, where inaccurate guns burn through your limited ammo. 


The Spetsnaz Speed Grip does lower your moving shooting speed, so keep that in mind. If you are a player who likes strafing while shooting, consider the standard Foregrip, which will reduce your horizontal recoil by 15% with no drawbacks to your ADS movement speed.


Steady Aim Laser

A Laser sight can be a valuable addition to the FARA 83. While not all ARs will benefit from the increased hip fire accuracy, the shorter range focus on this weapon makes any bump in hip fire accuracy valuable. While the FARA 83’s hip-fire accuracy will still never reliably challenge an SMG or shotgun up close, the Laser site will improve your odds in short-range situations and make the rifle a more versatile weapon overall.



Like most weapons in Warzone, this gun will benefit from being suppressed. Suppressors help conceal your location from enemies while shooting by both lowering the volume of your shots and removing muzzle flash from your weapon-making you hard to spot visually. The standard suppressor is the best suppressor option for the FARA 83 since it will have the least impact on your bullet velocity and effectiveness at range, while still offering all the benefits of suppressing your weapon.


19.5” Liberator Barrel

For those who want to add some extra bullet velocity to this weapon, the 19.5” Liberator Barrel might be a good attachment to consider. It doubles this gun's bullet velocity from 675 m/s to 1350 m/s, which is definitely worth the 20% reduction in aim-down-sights movement speed for many players. 


For the players who do a lot of moving while aiming-down-sights, consider using Speed Tape to increase your ADS speed instead of selecting a barrel.


The FARA 83 is an exciting addition to the Warzone and Coldwar arsenals. This gun serves a similar role to the FFAR 1, but playing with it feels like a distinct and unique gunplay experience. If you are a fan of lightweight assault rifles with high rates of fire, this weapon will be right up your alley.

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