Renekton, Focus spell type revealed for Legends of Runeterra

▲ Renekton is ready to slice and dice foes in Runeterra. Image via Riot Games


One day after the Legends of Runeterra development team unveiled their upcoming expansion, Empires of the Ascended, the first champion card in the set made its' debut. Renekton, the sand crocodile that inhabits the deserts of Shurima, was revealed in a post on the game's official Twitter account alongside some of his support cards and a brand new spell type.



In the video, which has arguably one of the most epic level-up animations in the game's history, Renekton became the first champion to be able to level up twice due to the expansion's unique ascended mechanic. By simply dealing damage, Renekton can reach his second form. But once the Sun Disc becomes restored, he can ascend to an even higher state, becoming a 10/10 that can slash his way through enemies and the opposing nexus with ease.


▲ Every card revealed Friday. Image via Mobalytics


In a partnership with Mobalytics, Riot Games debuted a new spell type in Friday's card dump, Focus. Acting similarly to how Gems work, Focus essentially acts as a Burst spell that opponents cannot interact with but they cannot be used in Combat or in response to an existing spell.


Empires of the Ascended cards will be revealed daily so check out the full list of already shown cards here.


The 110 card expansion is scheduled to go live on March 3.

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