Retired pro gamer Untara sues Afreeca streamer GankZero for online slander


The former pro gamer, Park “Untara” Ui-jin, sued a former pro gamer/Afreeca streamer, Kim “GankZero” Seong-hwan for online slander.


The incident took place on Thursday, Feb. 11th, when GankZero and Untara were paired up as a bot lane duo. However, it was one of those solo queue games that were heavily in the enemy team’s favor, so the duo ended up losing the game in just 20 minutes. At the time, GankZero was streaming on his AfreecaTV channel with a couple thousand viewers watching, and some of the things he said towards Untara were, “How’s he a f***** pro? Motherf*****”, “I’m so f***** mad at that insect”, “That f***** was forced to retire” (The following quotes are a translation of what he said in Korean).


The clip of GankZero slandering Untara on stream (Source: Youtube channel, 'ㅇㅇ')


A clip of GankZero making such statements on stream were then spread towards many League communities, and fans became outraged. The situation escalated towards the point where GankZero donated to Untara’s stream and said, “I’m very sorry for swearing at you a couple days ago. I wasn’t thinking when I said those things, so I came to apologize.”




In response to this, Untara said, “I was incredibly insulted when he said such things, so I immediately started to contemplate suing him. His insincere apology helped me make up my mind. I was offered free defense by a lawyer who’s a big LCK fan, so after I met with him to prepare, he and I filed the lawsuit on the 18th.”


Untara also stated that there will be no settlement agreement, and said, “I hope that he will fairly pay for his actions. Pro gamers, retired pros, and streamers all get stressed out from solo queue. While everyone has their own methods of expressing their frustrations, what GankZero said on his stream was incredibly over the line. I hope that through this incident, he’ll learn how impactful his words can be to others, and learn to take responsibility for his words and actions.” 

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