League of Legends Patch 11.4 buffs 13, nerfs 5 champions & introduces handful of item changes


Patch 11.4 may have no skins, but it certainly is introducing a variety of changes to the current League of Legends landscape. In the upcoming LoL patch, Riot Games has buffed 14 champions, nerfed five others, and changed a handful of items with the specific focus being on mage items and items that inflict Grievous Wounds.



Camille, Skarner, Kai'Sa, Renekton, and Samira are being hit with the nerf bat in Patch 11.4, but Samira's nerfs are specifically targeted towards her viability in the top lane instead of her primary role of AD carry.  Riot Games predicts Skarner's nerfs to impact players at all levels, and aside from Samira's nerfs being primarily targeted at the 'elite' player level of Diamond II - Challenger, all other nerfs have been made with professional play as the primary priority.


Amumu, Caitlyn, Fiora, Jinx, Katarina, Urgot, Lee Sin, Soraka, Braum, Talon, Tryndamere, Varus and Veigar are all receiving buffs on Patch 11.4. All champions being buffed receive slight stat boosts, damage boosts or cooldown reductions, while the champions being nerfed on this patch have far more intricate adjustments.


As far as items go, Guinsoo's Rageblade has received a slight buff, and Moonstone Renewer has received a much needed nerf towards its early game healing, but the everpopular Mythic item wil remain as strong as its previous iteration post-scaling.


Grievous Wounds items are being adjusted uniquely on Patch 11.4, but every change is a buff. Morellonomicon will have more ability power, Mortal Reminder will have more attack damage, and Chempunk Chainsword will grant its wielder more health than on the previous patch. 


The last of the significant changes in Patch 11.4 are leveled towards mage items.  Cosmic Drive is losing 1/3 of its ability haste, but its refined passive ability should serve those who build it far better than before. Everfrost will be receiving changes across the board to its stats and composition, and its upgraded version available through Ornn's Living Forge passive is also being adjusted to match. The full League of Legends Patch 11.4 notes by Riot Games can be viewed here


All images by: Riot Games

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