Upcoming Hearthstone expansion teased, theories circulate online

▲ Is Hearthstone introducing a Horde vs. Alliance expansion? Images via Blizzard


As BlizzConline week is in full swing, the Hearthstone development team teased an announcement of an announcement on Tuesday afternoon.


Simply titled "Quill You Be Ready?" the game's official Twitter account tweeted out a video showing what appears to be a traveler with a lit torch surrounded by menacing yellow eyes popping out from the shadows. As the video progresses, you can see a mess of thorns is trapping the traveler in and what appears to be quilboar stalking them. The final shot of the video is the logo of the Horde with sparks shooting up in front of it.



Shortly after the video went live, fans within the Hearthstone community began speculating as to what the first expansion of the year could have in store on multiple social media platforms. The two most popular theories revolve around the Razorfen Downs or a Horde vs. Alliance-themed expansion.


Long-time World of Warcraft players are familiar with Razorfen Downs as it is the capital of the Quilboar race and is hidden within the Thousand Needles canyon. The area, in addition to being filled with tusked creatures with a bad attitude, has been known to have undead scourge populating the land as well.


More information is set to be revealed on Friday, February 19 during Hearthstone's dedicated BlizzConline time slot.

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