Allorim talks summer 2020 with IMT: "My last two splits in academy are what made me LCS ready."

Source: Oshin Tudayan for Riot Games


Kieran "Allorim" Logue has always competed in the League of Legends Championship Series in unplanned circumstances, but the 2020 LCS Summer Split was the first time the top laner was given the opportunity to solidify his position on a starting roster. Allorim started 14 of the 18 games in the 2020 LCS Summer Split, and while Immortals finished in last place, Allorim's individual performance was solid given the circumstances.


Allorim spoke to Inven Global about his experience on Immortals throughout 2020 and making his LCS broadcast debut following the conclusion of IMT's season.

The 2020 LCS Summer Split was the first chance you've had at holding down a starting position. What was it like playing on Immortals last season?


I thought I played alright, and I thought I played better than my previous stints in the LCS, which were only a couple of games at a time. I am a little disappointed that any time I've played in LCS, it has been the result of a sudden decision.


It's never been a plan for the start to put me into a starting roster — I will be on an Academy roster, and the LCS team will either be playing poorly or having some kind of problem. This was true on both OpTic Gaming and Immortals, and it would just be an attempted band-aid fix to the team until the following split.


That being said, I think we did alright for a band-aid fix. Immortals was in a really bad place after we had fired our head coach Zaboutine and general manager Keaton. Both Immortals and IMT Academy were left with a single coach per team and no other staff to help us out.


It was a little rough, but I think we showed some promise during our games, especially in our 0-2 week against Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid. In both of those games, we were at our opponent's nexus and about to win, but one mistake ruined it and the enemy Aphelios destroyed our team in both instances.


If those two losses hadn't happened, I'm convinced Immortals would have qualified for the LCS Summer Playoffs and made a bigger showing in North America overall. I wish it had all gone better, but I think there were moments of light within the team that shows we could have done more than what we were able to show. 



Well, while you still got thrown into a situation, you did get to play the majority of the split this time around, right?


Yeah, I played 14 of the 18 games in the summer split, and that's the majority of a split so I'm grateful for that. I'm glad, but I just wish we were a little more prepared and had a little bit more help. 



Do you think being able to play at the LCS consistently week-by-week was able to help you showcase your abilities as a player in terms of being able to settle into a routine?


In my two previous splits on OpTic Gaming Academy and Immortals Academy, I improved a lot individually. On IMT Academy when Kublai "Kubz" Barlas was our head coach, I improved a lot on my champion pool especially. My last two splits in academy are what made me LCS ready. I was a better laner and I knew more of what to do in the mid game.


In my previous LCS games, I'd be brought onto the roster and just play whatever my best champion was at that time, regardless of what the situation was. After increasing my champion pool in the LCS Academy League, I was able to have a lot more options and I think that helped my confidence. I could now help my team out in the draft while still playing well in the game.


That being said, the consistency in LCS was nice, but what gave me the confidence to do well and why I think I did pretty well was because of what I learned in my previous academy splits and how that helped me.



Following the end of Immortals' 2020 season, you appeared on the LCS broadcast as an analyst. How exactly did that come to pass, and also, was it something you were looking towards in the future of your esports career before making your appearance?


I didn't ask about it. The opportunity came up for me because of interviews. Immortals would have post-game interviews, and usually, I'd be the first one on the team to accept those offers. I guess people liked what I had to say and found me entertaining, so Riot Games started asking me in increasing frequency as time went on to do things for them.


The teams I was on also asked me to do content for them since I've always been relatively good at speaking to the camera. I wouldn't say other players are shy, but they may not feel as comfortable speaking to an audience as I feel. I do think I'm good at speaking to an audience — I can present my points clearly and concisely, but it's not that I pursued this career option because I had those skills — the fact that I could and a lot of my peers couldn't gave me the opportunity.


I would rather play on a LCS team than do analysis or anything on the broadcast. It's not that I don't like that kind of work, but my heart is set on competing. The opportunity to be on the broadcast came about because I was good at the skills required, and since I didn't land on a team for 2021, I think it's a good opportunity to take Riot Games' offer and try it out to see how I like it.


I think it will go well, and I hope that people like what I have to bring to the table now that I will be present more often. For now, this is what I will be doing, and I will see if I can get back into the LCS later.



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