Cyberpunk 2077's hacked and stolen source code reportedly sold

Source: CDPR


According to multiple sources, the hacked and stolen source codes from CD Project Red, developer of hit games Cyberpunk 2077 and Witcher 3, might've already been sold. Cybersecurity firm KELA reported Thursday that the auction, allegedly created by the hackers, has been closed. Hours later, another cybersecurity account, vx-underground, confirmed. 

CDPR first confirmed that their source code and private documents were hacked, stolen, and held for ransom on Tuesday, Feb. 9. The Polish developer was adamant that it would not negotiate with the hackers. CDPR also ensured fans that no personal data has been accessed.


A day later on Wednesday, Feb. 10, the source code to Witcher card game GWENT leaked online, and a bid was started by the hackers: $1 million starting price for the source codes and internal documents, with a minimum step of $500,000 and a flash buy-out price of $7 million.


Who bought the source codes — and for how much — is still not clear. CD Project Red has not made an official announcement either. It's not clear who or why the hacker acted on CDPR either, although one theory suggests that it's an act of vengeance and spite over Cyberpunk 2077's underwhelming release.


"I see it as more of an opportunistic attack, or perhaps maybe even vengefulness and spite,” security specialist Tony Robinson told Wired. “Ransomware operators are motivated by money, but CDPR promised a lot of things and failed to deliver on them, and there may be some that are just self-righteous and looking to make them hurt.”


Cyberpunk 2077 indeed had a rocky launch, with the game sporting a terribly performance on old-gen consoles and many players experiencing visual or game-breaking bugs to the point that Sony was forced to take it down from the PS Plus store.

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