Hearthstone celebrates Lunar New Year with four new hero portraits

Images via Blizzard Entertainment


In the year 2021, Hearthstone's development team is turning back the clock to 200 AD for an upcoming in-game event that provides goodies to players and celebrates Chinese culture. Announced on Thursday afternoon, the Lunar New Year is making its' way into Hearthstone in the form of the Three Kingdoms event where players can complete quests, purchase new hero skins and participate in a thematic Tavern Brawl starting on February 9.


Running until February 23, the event will allow players to complete three simple in-game quests that each reward three card packs. By simply playing games of Battlegrounds, Duels and Ranked Standard mode, players will unlock Madness at the Darkmoon Faire and Scholomance Academy cards to add to their collection (or dust pile).


For players who want to shell out a little money on cosmetics, the Hearthstone team revealed four hero portraits that will go up for sale when the event goes live until the 19th. Zhuge Liang Anduin (Priest), Guan Yu Uther (Paladin), Lu Bu Garrosh (Warrior), and Diao Chan Valeera (Rogue) will all enter the shop for $9.99 USD each. For those looking to nab all four, they can be purchased as part of a bundle for $24.99. If you just want a taste of the cosmetics without taking a whole bite, the Rogue and Warrior skins are also being bundled together for the price of $14.99.


With the first expansion of the new Hearthstone year on the horizon, players will soon have even more new cards to go along with their Three Kingdoms hero portraits.

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